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  1. i installed a 3 inch torsion key lift kit with 3 inch blocks in rear. as well as the little metal pieces to add to the shocks so they were not out of travel range. the front looks like the upper a arm is resting on the metal part of the frame or the part holding the rubber bump stop. i need to know if that is something i could cut out so the upper a arm can travel little more downward when i hit bumps in road, a few times it has felt like the front tire has come off the ground bouncing off that part. would like to only cut the top lid portion off so rubber stop still there on the truck.i have included a picture and greatly appreciate all info i can get on this issue. you all have helped me before with a fuel issue. thank you again
  2. it is always the simple stuff we over look lol. i changed the fuel filter and her pep is back lol. feel like a dumb arse, i will be changing the injectors next and prob the regulator as well after seeing this in filter
  3. truck has less then 200 k the truck never really had any major issues in the 2 years I have owned it. since it was older truck i replaced some what i thought was needed parts. long list lol "spark plugs, wires,cap and rotor, oil, fuel filter, fuel pump,MAP sensor,egr valve,TPS,ignition coil and i believe the temp sensor son changed.verified all vacuum lines to the engine and the 2 barrel throttle body". i have cleaned the throttle body best i can with out taking it completely apart. my son took the cat off the truck and has a cherry bomb muffler only on it.i have not done a transmission filter kit yet because i don't know when the last time it was done and have seen horror stories about doing one that has never been done or a long time between. my big question is when the truck is in neutral or park it revs up nice and sounds very good to my ears. when i place it into drive and punch the go pedal it falls flat on its big arse , i can get up to highway speeds but i have to go slowly to get there.what else could cause this truck to do that ? thank you for all the help i can get on this big beast. i will try just about anything before i send it to the junkyard. also over weekend i got a new timing light and verified that it was set at 0 degrees with the advance unplugged and when advance was plugged in i showed 20 Degrees.
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