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  1. As of 5/16 my event code is now "4800B"... whatever that means. I assume unloaded from the train and bayed waiting on transport. The wait continues.
  2. My truck arrived to the rail yard in Twin Oaks, PA on Saturday 5/11... My dealer tells me they need to wait for GM to complete the delivery to the dealership before they can provide me an ETA. My dealership is 1 hour from the rail yard... the wait is killing me, I'm so close!
  3. Mine was built with yours... however, mine is sitting in Fort Wayne waiting to be shipped to PA still... it's killing me!
  4. Got my VIN today, and was told by Chevy chat that my truck was "released to carrier" on 4/27... now I wait some more.
  5. Ordered a CCSB High Country 6.2L on 3/13, FINALLY got a TPW of 4/22 today... was ready to cancel and move on. Still kinda skeptical.
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