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  1. Pricey, as in $500, 1000, 1500+? I called my service dept and they said no can do....
  2. Nice build. I thought of doing the cluster upgrade as well. Other than a bigger screen and a nicer presentation, does it give more information that the regular analog cluster?
  3. I just pulled the trigger on the Touring. Once installed, Ill meet up with @SWIFTKS and compare the two systems.
  4. I live in the Gulf Coast and it has gone through Monsoons, high water, Moab dust, East Tx clay, North Texas snow etc....They are still quiet. I do clean and lube them a minimum of once a month. My UCAs are also heim joint, and that make a little noise if the windows are down and radio off. I did notice, a week in snow (the melting agent they use on the road), would be an issue if I had to live in that. All the gouges on my skids showed rust in days. I assume it would be just as corrosive to a Uniball over time. For forest roads, just go ball joint UCA. And I'd definitely skip heim joints....
  5. Damn, where were you 2 weeks ago lol Dealt with a GMC dealership in Houston. Old bait & switch....when I got to the dealership after they sent me a price, they just "dealer traded" it. But offered another AT4, but could not discount that one. Ironically, the AT4 they dealer traded is still on their site...Oh, well, Im happy with the Trail Boss....
  6. I searched and found nothing, figured Id ask here since its a "feature". I know the High Country instrument cluster has a larger screen, and the auxiliary gauges are digital vs analog. Other then that, is there MORE information that is availible on a HC vs lower end models? Or is it the same info, just displayed in a prettier fashion?
  7. I have Dirt KIng Uniballs on my 4Runner for the past 53k miles. Never had to replace them. Maybe they meant clean and dry lube every oil changes?
  8. Nice truck. Do you have any pix from the front or rear to show how far out the wheels go past the fenders? Thanks
  9. What part of Houston are you in? I'd like to hear the S Type in person (if youre cool with that) Ive driven the Touring (GMPP on an AT4). Trying to see if the S is "too loud"
  10. I dealt with 3 dealers direct, and it seemed like only one was willing to deal. I did deal with another through TruCar, but when the sales guy quoted me a price higher than their advertised price, I did not respond. If you're in Texas, I can pass on the information of the salesman I used.
  11. That was before TT&L. Most states vary, so I just listed MSRP and sales prices. OTD was ~4550 (Tax is 6.25% here , title & lic was ~200, Doc fee was 150) No trade
  12. Just literally closed on a 6.2 TB, MSRP 58205.00; bought for $42466 (46000 before GM Card rebates) I'm happy so far.
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