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  1. 25yrs ago, that was fast for a muscle car of that era (Fox body, SN95, 4th gens, etc)
  2. 3.0l Duramax Inline6

    Two chains AND a belt on the rear of the block??? That sound like a very expensive maintenance bill. Second, I wonder if the ECM is going to be encrypted like the 19 Colorado DMax and the upcoming C8. I was waiting for this engine also, but starting to lean back towards 6.2
  3. For me, it would come down to the price difference. I actually like the 18s interior over the 19s....Assuming both are 6.2
  4. What did you pay for your truck?

    What dealer add ons made a TrailBoss 68k? ETA Just saw that youre in Canada...
  5. I already have an SUV and really "need" a pick up. And there is no way I could afford a ~100K Escalade. Thats almost a 60 month mortgage. But, the Caddys are nice!!!
  6. I dont blame GM, I blame the dealerships. Maybe they will offer a 2500 6.6 for the price of the 1500 3.0...lol "Same engine, just more power/tq"
  7. This last snafu may work in my favor. I may hold out for a minute and test drive the new 3.0D...Comparing apples to oranges, but after driving a couple of F250 Powerstrokes, Im "addicted" to the instant tq.
  8. Ive bought a few cars in my life... In 2004, I bought a new SIerra CC. I called internet sales and we agreed on a price in 5mins. I had my own financing, the financing dept played numbers game for the first few contracts. I walked, the sales lady asked what was wrong and I told her. She walked into finance and the contract that was printed after "elevated voice conversation" was correct. Bought a 2008 Tahoe, almost identical experience. In 2010 I bought a used Chevy product from a Porsche dealership. Treated like royalty by sales, after an extended test drive and dinner (not paid for by the dealer), I returned and the contract was done, no add ons, correct finance info and final price. Wife at the time along with me, the finance and sales guy chatted cars for almost an hour. Sales guy followed up for a few months with phone calls, then follow up emails (most likely seeking further business, but professional) Now, its time to replace my trusty 2004. Went to a local GMC dealership and asked to test drive a 6.2 on their lot. Sales guy brings me a 5.3. I then asked if the 6.2 I called about was still on their lot and he stated it was, but they are the same engine and this one gets better mileage. I again asked for the 6.2 and he again stated that they are the same engine and the 5.3 gets better mileage.We walked. Still a GM person at heart, but compared to other makes that Ive bought, GM seems to just not want to close sales, possibly take advantage of me/other customers through shady numbers games, and definitely not know their product. Ive had to come on this forum and verify I could not get the Technology package on an SLT, even though the dealership (diff dealer than the 5.3/6.2 issue) said I could order an SLT with HUD.
  9. Damn, was looking for 50 pages of innovative DIY mods...lol T4RNewbie
  10. Thanks. I still like the GMC front/rear end better. As far as dash, I actually like the Chevy better (round dials vs squircles)....
  11. Antman?? If so, you going to mod this one like the 4R?
  12. New Member with some basic question...(I tried search, no results) I currently daily an 04 Sierra. Im giving it to my Son and am looking for a replacement. I like the GMCs and notice I cant build an SLT with a Tech package (HUD, etc). But, you can build an "equivalent" LTZ with the Tech package. Am I missing something, or is this correct. I called a local dealer, and he said that the SLT can be "ordered" with HUD??? Thanks

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