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  1. I planned on lifting just my rear 1-2 inches will I really need alignment afterwards?
  2. No worries, hope u had a good one. I would be in the market for them in about a year or so when I get tired of my old taillights lol
  3. Jk I figured out it has to be in drive for them to turn on automatically , thanks @zmnypit for the connectors
  4. Just got the lights installed and they look great the only problem is that the DRLs don't turn on automatically, I've gotta find time to look into it
  5. Anyone have the part number? I’ve see a couple of conflicting numbers so I wanted to make sure I had the right one. Also is there a best place to find one? and yes I know eBay exists. Anyone have one for sale?
  6. I'm in the same boat, factory look is better 99% of the time, plus it will be better for resell as well whenever that time might come. I have the newer headlights on the way right now and I've been waiting on a good deal for a full bumper assembly to pop up and then I'll continue with the rest. The original front end doesn't look bad by any means so I'm willing to wait a good amount of time on each of the parts for the conversion, I just had to switch the headlights out now but we'll see what deals come up.
  7. Thank you sir... I’ll try and get one without broken tabs for a good price but I think I can definitely get by with one or two cracked as long as I fix them
  8. I was wondering which tabs I wouldnt be able to fabricate, like which ones are for adjusting
  9. This looks pretty good to me for just a headlight swap. so yeah. just the headlights.
  10. That looks 1000x better man and nice work on the deals you got for the parts. Did you buy a different color upper bumper pad and just take it to a paint shop for repaint?
  11. Hi everyone, I have a 2014 GMC Sierra that I'm looking to do headlight conversion to the 2016-2018 version. I'm seeing a lot of good deals on ones with cracked and broken tabs. I can get pretty handy with some JB weld and I figure I can perform some fabrication. I've never taken the headlights off so I don't know what all is going on back there so what tabs can I get by being cracked and which ones can be completely broken off?
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