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  1. Do you have any photos of the floor mats?
  2. Is the inside of these rims chrome as well? I really like those rims but I saw a set at the dealer and the inside felt rough and not chrome. What's the difference between the plated and polished ones?
  3. Are those the Brembo in the front? Do you have any rubbing against the rim?
  4. Thanks guys for the info. And I agree the look they have I would have it too after learning those camera's cost $900.
  5. The other day I was on GMC's YouTube channel and was looking at the 2018 Sierra videos. I noticed that they had different mirrors with a extended corner. Anyone have any input?
  6. Hey guys quick question. This morning as I left for work I turned my light switch on and noticed that the switch felt loose. You can for it just slightly side to side. Anyone has had any issues with this? I'm yet to take it in for it's first service. I have a 18 Sierra Denali Ultimate.
  7. I'm seling my denali grill let me know if you're interested.
  8. Nice! Definitely want to see how it looks. That type of tint well definitely help out especially here in California, not to mention but my truck is black as well.
  9. Is there any known junk yards if newer trucks? I tried car-part and found some but no shipping. I live in California.
  10. Do you guys know of a good place I can find a HD hood?
  11. What type of tint did you get? I also have a Denali Ultimate and was thinking of getting tints but I'm concerned if it will match the rear windows.
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