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  1. Mine was clicking as well. They had to tighten up some bolts on the control arms and cross member. The service advisor told me that there was a TSB. Here's a photo of what they did.
  2. I have a tailgate handle with the camara hole for sale. I replaced mine with the chrome handle one. Let me if you're interested.
  3. How much did it all cost? Where did you find the hood? I want to do this on mine but been looking for a used already painted hood.
  4. Hi guys I want to share my experience with a clicking sound when turning at low speeds. I have a 2018 Denali with 10xxx miles. I was in a parking lot and as I was turning all the way to the right I heard a metallic click sound from the driver side front end. At first I thought maybe I have something in my tires and got out to look and nothing. I ended up going home thinking it was nothing. Then as I was backing out of my drive I heard it again. I decided to take it in to the dealership and hoped for the best. I get a called saying it was ready and the problem was loose control arm bolts. They said they went ahead and re-torqued the front control arm bolts and cross member bolts. I'm happy to say that no more clicking. I'm hoping this helps out anyone having the same issue.
  5. Love those wheels. Just a quick question. Is the rim barrel chrome or non chrome? I've been thinking of getting those wheels.
  6. No problem. Sometimes I just like to browse around to see what's out there. I actually found one that was just exactly like yours but it was a 5.3 I was also in the market for a crew cab standard bed before I bought mine, but in Denali but they sold right away. So I ended up with a short bed 6.2
  7. Do you have any photos of the floor mats?
  8. Is the inside of these rims chrome as well? I really like those rims but I saw a set at the dealer and the inside felt rough and not chrome. What's the difference between the plated and polished ones?
  9. Are those the Brembo in the front? Do you have any rubbing against the rim?
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