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  1. I'm seling my denali grill let me know if you're interested.
  2. Nice! Definitely want to see how it looks. That type of tint well definitely help out especially here in California, not to mention but my truck is black as well.
  3. Is there any known junk yards if newer trucks? I tried car-part and found some but no shipping. I live in California.
  4. Do you guys know of a good place I can find a HD hood?
  5. What type of tint did you get? I also have a Denali Ultimate and was thinking of getting tints but I'm concerned if it will match the rear windows.
  6. Any special thing you have to do to set that up? Where did you get it and how much?
  7. As for the front yes. I didn't remove the grill. I just got it loose from on top and squeezed my hand in. For the rear i used a heat gun and fishing line. I also used masking tape as a reference for putting on the new ones. They give you a template but it seemed off.
  8. I did the Ronin 50 cal antenna. No problems once so ever.
  9. Here's the front. I'll take a photo of the rear tomorrow. The front install was a pain since I didn't remove the grill.
  10. I've read about the recall up north and the stories from other guys here. I just want to be on the safe side.
  11. So far I've done on my 18 denali Ultimate is... OEM black emblems 50 cal antenna Drivers side grab handle Rear seat under storage Chrome tailgate handle Tri-fold tonneau cover Windshield got replaced due to chip so i got the one with tint on the top of the windshield Rear defogger fuse removed
  12. I have a denali grill if anyone is interested in buying it.
  13. Thanks! I agree black and chrome makes a car or truck look classy. So far it's great. No vibrations nor clunks, knock on wood. The only thing I did notice was the gap in the panels, especially on the doors. I'll be taking Monday to get it check out. Yes Premium is required but it runs smooth. I just hit the 500 mile mark so the engine is nicely broken in. Yeah mine was one of the last leftover. I'm starting to see more used ones but I've noticed that many weren't taken care of. That's why we got a new one.
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