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  1. Yeah I really like it. Very comfortable. Especially when hauling the family.
  2. It’s hard to really negotiate them down if you ordered the truck. I just bought one recently. I searched throughout the country for what I wanted and played dealers off each other until I got the price I felt happy with. I was able to get 18k off sticker with 10k in rebates plus first responder discount, farm bureau discount and dealer discount. If your patient and willing to travel you can do really well. I found going to volume dealers helps tremendously. I did take the standard gm financing which was crazy high at 6.9% with credit score over 800. I bought truck on a Monday and refinanced on Friday with my credit union at 2.99%. I wasn’t about to give gm all that money back. If they game me a decent rate I would have stayed. Also keep in mind if you want an extended warranty you don’t need to buy at time of sale. There are plenty of dealers that will sell to you at costs way cheaper. And yes it’s the it’s the Chevy/gm protection plan. You can save about 1k bucks vs buying at your finance guy. Hope this helps
  3. I don’t even think that’s an option anymore unless your grandfathered in
  4. Can the monthly fee be negotiated like siriusxm? On the fence about what I want to keep if any
  5. Found this thread related to key fob problems. I’m having issues.
  6. Great info. Just bought my Tahoe.. Sometimes when I push the unlock button on the door it doesn't work.. have to hit it again. I will try the key fob from further away.. I am wondering if I have the same problem.
  7. Yeah I plan I doing my own maintenance. I go only to the dealership for warranty purposes. First their prices are insane and recommend services that aren’t really needed. Plus I don’t really like anyone working on my vehicles unless I have to. But thanks for the info
  8. Don’t know if this has been covered since I couldn’t find anything on it. Looking to do an oil change soon, and was wondering if there is a crush washer on a 2018 Tahoe or is it a rubber gasket built into the plug like that was on my 2002 Yukon?
  9. Exactly. Documents state no prepayment penalty. If they wanted to keep us they should give us a reasonable interest rate but he’ll no at over 6%. I found the truck I wanted online and negotiated everything over text. Traveled 400 miles to get it. There were no surprises when I showed up. Finance guy had all paperwork ready to go. He did not pressure me for any other add ons. In his office 10 min signing paperwork. Honestly this was the best experience I had buying a car. I will never negotiate a car in a dealership. All online and search wide. Heck I was willing to travel to Oklahoma but it wasn’t worth it after airfare etc coming from Virginia. So I feel I got a fair deal and better yet not paying all that interest to GM. But in the end the House(dealership) always wins. They have to make money. It just a matter of how much I am willing to let them make off me.
  10. You will get a letter releasing the Lien. I got mine about 10 days later
  11. Geico has mechanical breakdown insurance.. $250 deductible per claim. Covers everything except wear items. I find it to be better than the extended warranty that has exclusions. 7 years/100k miles, I pay $75 per year. Cheap insurance in my eyes.
  12. I bought an 2018 Tahoe. I have excellent credit and they gave me a 6.69% interest rate. I took all the gm rebates totaling 10k + farm bureau discount + first responder discount + dealer discount for a total of 18k off sticker. I bought the truck on a Monday and by Friday I paid the loan off with the payoff adding 100 bucks due to interest. Could not believe with that interest rate it would have been over 12k in interest for the life of the loan.. Are they crazy??? I'll use the system.. More money in my pocket...
  13. So today I was driving and noticed my radio sound becoming broken up.. Next thing I see is a blank screen with no sound and the system rebooted. I have read on other forums of this happening. Has anyone had this issue happen to them or know if there is a fix.. I just bought a brand new 2018 Tahoe that I picked up last week. Between this and the rough idle while stopped in drive I am becoming disgusted after paying all this money. I have 2014 Kia optima with a turbo that I have beat to hell and back and never had an issue with electronics or drivetrain the whole time.. Starting to wonder what the longevity of the Tahoe will be at this point... Just at a loss
  14. Interesting... I have a 2018 and mine clears itself

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