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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/brand-new-jeep-gladiators-and-chevy-silverados-destroyed-after-train-derails-in-nevada/ar-AAEbqlI?li=BBnbfcL if this link don't work google Nevada train derailment to see brand new trucks destroyed
  2. I placed order at dealer on april 6 , got informed of a build date about 3 weeks ago that my build date is june 24 . When I placed my order, dealer told me a good 3 months
  3. looking into purchasing a code scan reader , considering a Innova 3160g looking for suggestions and will it work with 2019 truck
  4. I also went with the 5.3 , I thought about the 6.2 till I found out you had to feed it 93 octane. I had no issues with the last 2 5.3 ive own and the 2019 even has more hp at 255 and another 10 hp with the performance pkg I ordered basic denali with std bed with performance pkg and power assist running boards
  5. I ordered mine at dealer on april 6 , just got a build date june 24 basic denali with std bed with performance pkg and mulipro power steps
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