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  1. mine is also a early july build similar condition as tomtom87 , I am at 4000 and no issues the first couple of weeks when cold at start up it had hard 1st to 2nd shift but not extremely hard and this only happen when moving at very slow pace, now it is smooth
  2. I ordered a basic Denali with 6.6 bed with a couple of options last spring and it took 3 months, it took almost 2 months to get a build date. and delivery about 2 weeks after build date , this was probably considered a special build for a long wheel base for the 6.6 bed crew cab
  3. I have an ARE on order the mx mid high . I ordered it a month ago , the ARE was the only manufacture that had caps available for the multipro tailgate at that time . The cap dealer told me about 2 months , leer did not have anything available at the time I placed my order
  4. lets go back in time a little further, in 1984 I bought a brand new k1500 and the biggest motor available was the 305 with earth shattering 160 HP
  5. the 5.3 10 speed is only available in the high country and denali model for 2020 so I don't see the 8 being discontinued any time soon since the 6 is still available for 2020 , If anything maybe the 8 will replace the 6 in the future ,you can only guess what GM will do my 5.3- 8 , average 19-20 all suburban roads with stop lights and my best 21.5 on secondary highway average 60 mph with stop lights also my old 2011 with 5.3-6 got 16-17 same drive
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/brand-new-jeep-gladiators-and-chevy-silverados-destroyed-after-train-derails-in-nevada/ar-AAEbqlI?li=BBnbfcL if this link don't work google Nevada train derailment to see brand new trucks destroyed
  7. I placed order at dealer on april 6 , got informed of a build date about 3 weeks ago that my build date is june 24 . When I placed my order, dealer told me a good 3 months
  8. looking into purchasing a code scan reader , considering a Innova 3160g looking for suggestions and will it work with 2019 truck
  9. I also went with the 5.3 , I thought about the 6.2 till I found out you had to feed it 93 octane. I had no issues with the last 2 5.3 ive own and the 2019 even has more hp at 255 and another 10 hp with the performance pkg I ordered basic denali with std bed with performance pkg and power assist running boards
  10. I ordered mine at dealer on april 6 , just got a build date june 24 basic denali with std bed with performance pkg and mulipro power steps
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