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  1. Question for the group, after having my dealership install the billstein 5100s on my trail boss front and rear, my driver's side measurements from the level ground to the center of the wheel well bottom lip is a half inch lower than the passenger side. Is that unusual? It dies ride so much better than stock now.
  2. Where did you get them, what is the AT4/TB part number and how much did they cost? Thanks
  3. Any other mod for this set up? Spacers, level. No type of rub at all? Thanks, looks great.
  4. Ditto on the EGRs slimline in channel.
  5. Absolutely no level and no rubbing with 305/65r18 bfg ko2
  6. How much did that cost you, did it add any lift or level up front. How is the new ride compared to stock on the trail boss.
  7. The blacked out Silverado LT letters are on Ebay for $58
  8. Removed Trail Boss stickers, blacked out Silverado LT, BDS trims simulated carbon fiber inlay, Z71 badge replaced / de-chromed, KO2's 305 65 18 no rub with mudflap bracket removal, backflip MX4 tonneau.
  9. Got my backflip MX4 for $860 0n ebay from a seller that took best offer. Easy to install, folds up for full access to the bed and looks great.
  10. Went with BFG KO2's, 305 65 18 for a no mod fit.
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