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  1. Here’s a YouTube video on this as well. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KzwpVimgUKw
  2. HP Tuners now has a modified ECU to purchase that will allow for tuning, but at $1,400 I’m not sure how many takers they will have. Unless you are going forced induction or cams, I don’t see how you could justify that price to pick up 10-15 hp. https://www.hptuners.com/product/e90-modified-ecm-purchase-ecm-exchange-service/
  3. I’m interested if you still have it. I have a single kicker cvt 10” I’m looking to install. How much shipped to 17026 PA?
  4. I have the fin also but no sxm. I believe the fin is for OnStar.
  5. Anyone else seeing their brake pad indicator showing excessive wear? I only have 3,600 mi on the truck and front is 48% on the front and 70% rear. I’m fairly aggressive but something has to be out of whack. According to the computer I’m on pace to replace fronts at 7k and rears at 15k. Truck is 2019 trail boss lt crew.
  6. I’m doing the same for now but I don’t have unlimited data and a 54 mile per day commute round trip. Just seems silly not to include this on an LT trim standard. Btw the response I got back from GM customer service is they couldn’t speculate on this and I should contact Sirius XM. I mean either it’s upgradable or it isn’t. WTH?
  7. Hello, Just seeing if GM clarified this topic and if an upgrade or system interface is available? I purchased an LT Trail Boss not even questioning if it had Sirius XM as I’ve had it on every vehicle I’ve owned the last 10 years. It’s standard on vehicles half the price let alone a $50k truck. What is GM thinking! It’s 2019 not 1999! I love the look of the truck, but between the awful throttle response and delayed transmission shifting, and inconveniences like this, I’m regretting switching from RAM.
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