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  1. Solved!! Finally...After isolating everything else I discovered I was losing voltage at the remote terminal on the amp at higher volume. It turns out the remote wire on the LLJ Customs harness was bad. I used an loc that has a remote wire integrated and all is well now. What a relief! It turned out to be something so simple but caused such a headache.
  2. So did a few more tests this evening. Totally unplugged the rcas from the amp altogether and cranked the volume. The amp still went into protect above 1/2 volume or so. This should eliminate the harness, rcas, and any input other than power at this point. I also tried a different grounding point with no luck. This is insane. I’ve never had issues with a system like this. Seriously considering ripping everything out at this point. The only other things I can think to check are remote wire or maybe some slight defect with the terminal cup on the sub box causing a short somewhere. It seems like a ground or power issue but both are fine. Voltage is over 12 with truck off regardless of volume. Maybe kicker amps are too finicky?
  3. For the volume I’m able to play it which is 50% or less depending on the bass it sounds pretty good. It definitely sounded the cleanest and most accurate with the Kicker loc vs the Metra and scosche I’m currently running. I still have the Kicker and will go back to it once I get this issue sorted out. This one has the highest output of the three.
  4. So I was able to do some testing after work to ensure my amp was getting enough voltage. With the dmm It’s getting 12.23volts at low volume as well as 12.23v when the amp goes into protect at high volume. This was tested without the truck running and no other accessories on. I believe this should eliminate the ground & power as potential issues. I have another set of rcas that should be delivered tomorrow so I can rule those out if the same issue persists. I have used these rcas through two installs so maybe they are the problem? I don’t see any issues with the speaker wires themselves as I’ve inspected and replaced them with a thicker gauge. After this the only other thing I can do is remove the T harness and tap directly to the speaker wires. This one’s kicking my butt and I get pretty agitated when I can’t figure things out.
  5. Thanks for your help. I’ll try to tackle this next weekend. It has to be this harness because I’ve tried literally everything else.
  6. Thanks. What are the colors for the front speakers? Since it’s a mono amp can I get away with just tapping passenger side front speaker?
  7. I was wrong about the new loc fixing the issue. I’m still going into protect at high volume. The song I was testing had less bass so I was able to go higher than before. I’m back to square one. I replaced the speaker wire inside the box and outside to the sub to the amp, replaced the loc (third one by the way) checked ground and power connections, tried two different amp and sub combos. The power and ground wire are 4 gauge which is more than enough for my setup. The only other thing I can think of is the custom LLJ t harness may be causing a speaker wire short somewhere. Ready to tear my hair out.
  8. Thanks. The Kicker was passive as well but had some kind of load it would put on the system. They say newer cars need this, but this stock setup from GM is so cheesy I doubt it was required and was probably causing my issues.
  9. After checking everything, I replaced the Kicker kisloc loc with a cheaper Metra one from Autozone and the issue is gone! I’m not sure if the extra load the kicker loc put on the wiring was causing the issue or what the problem was. Very frustrating but glad it’s fixed. Thanks all for your recommendations.
  10. I’m using this same loc but with a 2 ohm amp and sub. It works great but goes the amp goes into protect at any volume higher than half way. Any advice?
  11. What LOC’s are you guys using? Maybe I can try another. The amp is 2 ohm but 1 ohm stable and sub is 2 ohm so I don’t think that’s the issue of being a mismatch. I also just tried the power lug directly to positive terminal without a difference.
  12. I also tried an lc2i loc with the same issue. I’m stumped. Very frustrating.
  13. Yes, I tried two different and both kicker. Different models
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