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  1. Anyone use Amazon Music through carplay? iOS 14 seems to have nuked it. Songs will not show. I've re-paired, deleted and reinstalled Amazon music, and messed with some iPhone settings that I read as things to try. Nothing. A few other music apps too (iheart radio). Stuff just doesn't load.
  2. I have an iphone, but Android Auto should be the same. It's a free app-give it a shot.
  3. Just my take on the stock audio for my 2019 Custom. It actually sounds pretty good....with eq and using your phone (not FM radio). EQ is the secret. The bass pumps pretty well and it is doesn't break up easily. Clarity would be my issue and probably fixed with speaker upgrade. But it isn't that big of an issue. Compared to the last 2 vehicles I drove (2014 Equinox Pioneer system with sub and 2017 Grand Caravan GT with 9 speaker system and sub) the basic Silverado stereo sounds better. Just FM radio is only okay, but I use my phone 99% of the time so I don't care. As for the eq, it goes against what "audiophiles" like to do, but I found the system to have too much mids. I set the bass to +4, and cut the mids leaving the highs flat. In fact, I was going to add on the factory sub but really don't see a need to do so (and I'm a bass player for my weekend gig).
  4. This happened to me using Waze. Really weird...music playing and then Waze talking and the music also plays on the "Waze channel" which seems to be windshield speakers. I blew the phone out from the stereo's bluetooth and then re-paired. All good since.
  5. I had it for $15 per month. I also have an ATT cell phone. Oddly...even though the GM Wifi was through ATT, it was about 1/3-1/2 the speed. Sometimes Amazon music would take forever to load. I ditched it and just use my phone wifi.
  6. I had this on my old ford Escape. I originally had the built-in one on a Ford Explorer. On the Escape it was also attached by 2-sided tape and you couldn't change the battery. It lasted for about 4 years. Super handy feature, but they are hackable. Then again, if someone wants in, they can just smash out a window.
  7. Not unpopular with me. I purchased my 2019 Custom mainly for the front end. The 2500 takes it up a notch and looks even better in person.
  8. I agree...at 6' I can deal, but it seems an inch more would help (couldn't we all use an inch more LOL). Watch out for spacers...insurance and safety issues there. I use seat cushions (not the big padded old guy kind), but they probably only lift about 1/4" or so. I actually like manually adjusted seats over power (unless there is a memory function), but no height adjustment is just another big F-you to those who don't go for a higher trim level.
  9. Prior to my 2019, my last truck was a 1993 Ford Ranger. Back then a drop-in liner was the thing, so when I bought this truck I negotiated to have one thrown in (which they did without question). I wish I purchased my truck with the spray-on liner, but I also put a bed mat on top of my drop-in liner (to reduce slippage of storage and to save my knees). The drop-in has small storage on the sides with small cargo nets and doesn't look bad. Here's the bed rug for another option: https://bedrug.com/bedrug-impact-bedliner/2019/chevrolet/silverado-1500
  10. I have the ones for the non-console (I have a custom). They interlock pretty tight and lay flat (I put a small console/organizer over the middle section).
  11. I know...practice...but, it would be nice to know how close the front end of the truck is to a wall or another car when you have to pull in to a spot. I am thinking of trying this since no wires are required and I just need to know if I am going to hit something. https://fensens.com/products/100-smart-wireless-backup-camera-pre-order You can get them on amazon and ebay. Anyone use one of these?
  12. Interesting color...sometimes gray, sometimes blue, sometimes even green. It actually fits well with the ugliest license plate in the US (NY).
  13. Background: I subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited...I pay for Onstar Unlimited Wifi for the truck (work pays for my cell but I have only about 3GB of data each month, so $15 for unlimited Wifi in the truck does make sense for me). I had this grandiose idea to use an Amazon Echo for Alexa to be as hands-free as possible (I have a Custom with the 7" screen and no steering wheel access). I purchased the Amazon Echo Input for $20 and figured, I don't need a speaker so it should hook up to bluetooth as a second device and work fine. Well...when you go through set up, it connects and all works. As soon as you shut off the truck, it will not reconnect to bluetooth without forgetting it and starting over. Anyone using an echo with success? Any help appreciated. I didn't get the Echo Auto because I figured with full time wifi in the truck, the echo will connect to the truck's hotspot. No need to go through my phone. But...maybe there is a limitation with the mychevrolet system?
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