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  1. I know...practice...but, it would be nice to know how close the front end of the truck is to a wall or another car when you have to pull in to a spot. I am thinking of trying this since no wires are required and I just need to know if I am going to hit something. https://fensens.com/products/100-smart-wireless-backup-camera-pre-order You can get them on amazon and ebay. Anyone use one of these?
  2. Interesting color...sometimes gray, sometimes blue, sometimes even green. It actually fits well with the ugliest license plate in the US (NY).
  3. Background: I subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited...I pay for Onstar Unlimited Wifi for the truck (work pays for my cell but I have only about 3GB of data each month, so $15 for unlimited Wifi in the truck does make sense for me). I had this grandiose idea to use an Amazon Echo for Alexa to be as hands-free as possible (I have a Custom with the 7" screen and no steering wheel access). I purchased the Amazon Echo Input for $20 and figured, I don't need a speaker so it should hook up to bluetooth as a second device and work fine. Well...when you go through set up, it connects and all works. As soon as you shut off the truck, it will not reconnect to bluetooth without forgetting it and starting over. Anyone using an echo with success? Any help appreciated. I didn't get the Echo Auto because I figured with full time wifi in the truck, the echo will connect to the truck's hotspot. No need to go through my phone. But...maybe there is a limitation with the mychevrolet system?
  4. Thanks-I have read that Katzin covers are great...the cheaper covers are intriguing too though.
  5. No front storage and no rear arm rest. Any recommendations? Trying to stay under $600 for both seats.
  6. UPDATE: I speedtested my Silverado hotspot and was getting only around 5Mbps (my cell also with ATT was getting 15). I called OnStar and they verified some settings had to be turned on (why would they, but anyway the tech was helpful). Now my truck is easily getting 16+Mbps on the download. So that is fixed. As for Amazon...it is way snappier when it works. I found that if I connect my phone to carplay in my driveway, my phone will still be on my home wireless. Then when driving it will switch but Amazon music does not like that (only going to letter K/black screen etc). If I wait to get out of range of my home wifi and then connect my phone for the first time, so far it all works. (More testing to come). Hopefully this helps someone else.
  7. 2019 Silverado Custom Crew...iPhone 8 Plus...iOS 13.1.1 Everything works fine with carplay except Amazon music will only show to letter K for albums or artists under my music. I even subscribe to the onboard WiFi unlimited. Once in a while it works...but leaving it on doesn't seem to fix (so it isn't just taking a long time to load). Anyone else have this issue? I seem to remember when I rented a Malibu with carplay it did the same thing. How the hell do I listen to Metallica??!!! LOL
  8. Maybe I'm old school, but my Custom has enough modern conveniences to survive. Crap, the steering wheel audio controls are the thing I seem to miss the most but then I just have to reach another 6 inches to adjust the stereo. Oh the horror! $34k is what I paid and I get to drive around a killer vehicle with plenty of room vs. some Hyundai with leather seats and steering wheel controls.
  9. Here's my Ionic 41 black boards. Got them from realtruck.com. Easy install. Visually they look to line up with the door (talking ding protection purposes). Maybe they stick out just a little.
  10. I have had my Custom for almost 2 weeks. To sum it up, I love it! It is the Custom V6 with Custom Value/Tow/20" All-Terrain Tires. Paid about 34k before taxes (due to almost 20% off in rebates).. Here's a few thoughts: Decent MPG first tank 17.4 DIC but calculated to be 18.6 using Fuelly. About 70/30 City/Highway. Driving at night the touch screen is too bright. If I dim the dash lights too much you can't see the high beam indicator real well. Speaking of lights...low beams are just okay, but the high beams are great. I think maybe just a silverstar replacement for low beams will be perfectly fine. The stereo...I have read different reports, but mine sounds great. Better than my '14 Equinox with sub, and better than my '17 Grand Caravan GT with the 9 speaker system and sub. Granted better speakers might help with clarity, but there is plenty of volume and bass for this musician. Sirius is definitely using some processing since it sounds better than amazon music from my phone. I can tweak eq to get close though. Not being able to raise the seat is annoying. I am 6' tall so I am fine, but my wife is low in the cabin ha ha. I am getting used to parking with that huge front end. Thinking maybe memory foam seat cushions to raise up an inch or so. The auto drop tail gate doesn't drop on a decline (makes sense but the first time I thought it was broken). Only the latch is powered. I put a console organizer on the floor so far for some extra storage. It fits perfectly. I don't find myself missing opening the center console (at least to spend almost $300) and the glasses holder on the dash works fine. The color is cool...Shadow Gray Metallic. Sometimes it is gray, sometimes blue, and sometimes even greenish depending on the light. It rides smooth/quiet and the suspension is tight...hit some train tracks at a decent speed and you can make the back end jump ha ha. But with weight it in the bed it settles right down. I negotiated the factory drop-in bedliner into the price. Last time I owned a truck this was almost a standard. It isn't anymore and I wish I had found a truck with the spray in, or negotiated the bed rug in. As it is, I will keep the plastic liner and put a Bed Rug Bet Mat inside. I purchased a cool device: Belkin Road Rockstar off of ebay to enable rear seat charging for my softball/soccer player and friends. I have seat covers (for the front bottoms) on the way just to protect them over the long haul. I'll take a pic when they arrive. I took out the factory hard rubber mats and purchased the factory full cover floor mats for front and back. They fit and look awesome but I wish I negotiated those in to save $200 (something to add in if you are buying). Here's a few shots of "Maxine" who I refer to as "Max". She's been a great girl so far.
  11. 2019 Custom (I really like the Custom front end)...great truck so far...added Extang Solid Tri-Fold 2.0 and Ionic running boards (for my wife's sake).
  12. Great thanks. What problems with the tri-fold hard cover? I realize there are a ton to choose from. The GM hard rolling cover is about $800.
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