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  1. Not to mention their shin bones. If I leave mine in I'll be looking for a band aid soon. I love the tailgate.
  2. I misread davester's post. I agree, drilling another hole in a drawbar is not a good idea. Apologies.
  3. I'm sorry, but i don't understand what you are saying. It's better to drill a hole in a drawbar to extend it's length rather than to buy a longer one?
  4. ETrailer has about anything you could want, some as long as 16". I got this one just Saturday because my old one was 1/2" too short: https://www.etrailer.com/Ball_Mounts/Brophy/BH20.html I had the same issue with my '09.
  5. Not on my new one, but the '09 I traded in on it had ~98,500 miles ~2,200 hours for about 44 average mph. Obviously not a daily driver.
  6. Hey Daryl, Hopefully they'll get it straightened out. Sucks having something new (and expensive) not work properly. I meant no disrespect to you with my posts. I thought it not good that the service tech was not familiar with the 7-pin hookup and thought you might want to know he was wrong about at least one thing. We're heading out next month for a couple of weeks, 1st trip with the new truck. Fingers crossed it will all work ok. Happy camping!
  7. I think that's pretty common. My '09 was that way. 1) You might need 12v to the trailer and not want to run the engine 2) You can always unplug the trailer when parked without 120v hookup (common practice for some)
  8. That was my initial plan, but those mirrors will probably cost at least $800 apiece (retraction motors, tilt/adjust, dimming feature, puddle lights, camera). I'll see how the $75 a pair clip on ones work, plus all those features will still be there. Worked fine on my '09. I understand that not all trucks have all those features, but it's still going to cost a lot.
  9. I wont argue the ECM, but.... Truck hasn't been started for a week.
  10. This could be part of the problem. The 7-pin connector will charge and power the camper even if the truck is turned off,. Hope that's all it is.
  11. I went ahead and ordered a pair. Saw they had a delivery date of Oct. 9th. We're heading out on our 1st trip with the new truck the 11th. Hopefully they get here on time.
  12. I had the CIPA version on my '09 Silverado and was quite pleased with them other than they looked like sh*t. Please let us know how they work out. Thanks.
  13. I was having the same issue. The 1st couple of tries i copied/pasted and it said invalid email. Then I actually typed in the address and it worked. They called today (I didn't include my ph# in the email) and said they had forwarded the issue. We'll see.
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