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  1. It's for programming new remote keys and to be used if the fob battery dies.
  2. Great idea and thanks! Where might this be? Link?
  3. There's a thread in the "mods" forum: IMO the K-SOURCE are a good, cheap, easy solution.
  4. There's a thread on here on how to get it back. You have to send an email to gm customer service. Search is your friend.
  5. So I finally had a chance to try out my K-SOURCE clipons the last few days. Just for reference, I used CIPA clipons on my 2010 Silverado. Not much to add to duke3k's assessment. They work just fine, quite comparable to the CIPAs only easier to install and look a little more OEM than the CIPAs. I did notice one was vibrating a little. I took it off and saw that there is an adjustment screw (phillips) on the ball and sock (easily accessible). Tightened it a little and problem fixed. Full blown OEM trailering mirrors would be nice, but $52 vs ~$800 it's an easy choice. Plus I don't have to put up with the blindspot %100 of the time.
  6. I stand corrected. I have my speed warning @77 mph. Guess that's why it never shut down. Good to know. Thanks!
  7. It's adjustable. And it doesn't restrict the speed, just dings and flashes once or twice.
  8. Got mine yesterday. After a few unsuccessful attempts I realized it's not good to have something plugged into the front USB port. Worked fine after that.
  9. You need some sort of wifi. Hotspot via phone etc.
  10. Thanks Duke. Very timely. I recieved my K--Source mirrors today and am very pleased. I had the CIPA version on my last truck and they worked well. These are way easier to install/uninstall.
  11. Interesting. Give us an update once you've had a chance to try them out. Thanks.
  12. Yup. And bought a $20 programming device to sync them with the truck.
  13. I'm surprised at this as well. Might be a dumb point to make, but there is a switch on the mirror to flip it from "dumb" to camera.
  14. https://www.jegs.com/i/K-Source/179/80930/10002/-1 Part #179-80930 Summit Racing has them too: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ksc-80930?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwiILsBRCGARIsAHKQWLPCmgu-YdJ3JMnWQV-6C_0I5h8A7WTOBqmtPddUxToxynWJX78GHDIaAhNpEALw_wcB
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