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  1. I drove mine for 6 days with the check engine light on. No issues. Just got mine back today. GM is now saying not to start the truck using the app from this point until they can come up with a fix.
  2. Update: Just got my truck back from the dealer. Looks like they performed the repair per the TSB. No shotty sealant job on mine.
  3. Mine showed the errors by using the GMC application which is still powered by On-star. You pay On-star for the service of using the GMC/Chevy application.
  4. Here is the updated TSB as of 1/6/2020. Sorry for the quality of the photos.
  5. Rear Window started leaking today on the passenger side. 7/2019 Build date. Purchased 8/17/19 Fort Wayne Plant.
  6. I have a BlackVue setup front and rear. The rear wiring runs from the camera along the head liner up the A pillar and along the roof line behind the plastic and door seals. I have had 0 issues with any interference. Everything works like its suppose to.
  7. I have about 4k miles on my 6.2. I avg 17 mpg most of the time with a mix of city and highway. Highway 18-20mpg depending on speed and wind. If I'm in town all the time 13-14mpg is about what I get.
  8. The new iOS 13 Car play Update no longer directly mirrors your phone. You can open what ever app you want on your phone.. text, open maps, etc all while waze is still on the infotainment.
  9. Helps reduce NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) It helps keep vibrations off the glass which reduces wind noise. I'm sure there is more to it but that's the most obvious. Ford does this with the Mustang as well.
  10. Facts it’s a PIA. I still need to hard wire this one. I had the OBD2 port power module for the blackvue but it causes the camera to cut on and off for some reason in the GMC.
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