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  1. Haven’t noticed any lose of reception with mine at all.
  2. Just redeemed my points and took this screen shot. Seems you can’t use your points online according to this. I wanted to stack the 20% off discount and reward points on a new tonneau cover.
  3. Mines a little different but it was the first thing I changed.
  4. Points are only redeemable when used at the dealership correct?
  5. I live in League City have the 6.2 in my Denali. Was worth the extra money. I knew if I settled for the 5.3 I’d regret it. Plus the 6.2 makes Houston highway driving a breeze. Gas and get over cause once you hit the blinker you know they will speed up lol.
  6. Finally got around to moving over my radar set up for my Redline EX & Valentine 1 from my Mustang. Behind the black cover is the Bluetooth module for when I want to run my V1. I just realized I didn't take any photos of the tap location but I will add that later.
  7. 2019 GMC Denali Ultimate 4X4. MSRP $68,7*** paid $57,500 before TTL
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