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  1. Think the amp steps will go good with the wheels you have.
  2. You have my attention sir, so I just get the steps and your harness, any other input i need to know? Going to be doing it myself as I imagine your out of my area.
  3. I have a '17 SLT and want to put the Denali power steps on my truck, talked to a gm service tech who said there's a module that has to be put in that come in the Denali's and not other models so they're not mound and go/plug and play. Any input on this? Has anyone made the conversion? Looked at the amp steps but I like the chrome looks that the factory denali's have.
  4. How much is the whole kit? I'm looking to get the electric boards on my 17 SLT, but haven't had much look on finding any 2nd hand, so I guess I have to go the dealer route.
  5. Yes I'm using the 1N4004. I corrected the fogs/highs but no dice replaced the diode too. Got the cargo/reverse working for just a min buttt then they went out again. I feel like the wire isn't getting a good connection in the pin, pushed as far as they'd go just doesn't feel "secure." Going to try them again tomorrow. Thanks again.
  6. Hate to revive a thread that seems to have been covered thoroughly but I've got a problem. I feel like I've followed the previous posts exactly, diode correct way, right pins for the high beam fog as well as 3rd brake light with backup but neither work, attached is what I'm looking at, point out what's the problem? Thanks.
  7. Has anyone found a shallow center console tray insert for 16-18 Sierra's to hold change/keys? Not the arm rest console, but the one in front of the cup holder (seen those on amazon/ebay). It's more than I need for storage but I don't have anywhere to put change and keys other than the cup holder, which creates another obvious problem. Thanks in advance.
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