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  1. CRApex, and that is exactly. why I went from owning diesel pickups for 21 years back to gas. Doesnt mean gas cant be prone to breakdown also but the diesel emissions are problematic. we had a discussion several weeks ago. I was 2,000 miles from home hauling a RV trailer in the UP of MIchigan when I went into the infamous limp mode. It was the DEF heater. First dealer I stopped at wouldnt even look at it. Service was backed up 2 weeks. Next dealer was a lifesaver. He got the DEF tank assembly overnighted from Detroit. I was done in 3 days. No matter how well diesels tow and they do tow great...... cant have this if you travel. I was very fortunate, this happened two years ago. If this was today I would be screwed. I do feel for you and the other guys that are waiting for parts. Shame on GM. That should not happen, especially since they are still pumping out diesels. Wish you luck.
  2. I agree. The diesel tows better and gets better fuel economy but the emissions are a killer. It's just unbelievable they go into a limp mode and eventually become disabled. I sincerely hope they get it straightened out. I've got 16,000 miles on my 6.6 gasser with no problems......yet. almost all of it towing heavy. Glad the diesel has worked out for you.
  3. and that is the exact reason I went from a Duramax diesel to a 6.6 gasser. I was on an extended trip in the UP of MIchigan towing a 5th wheel. My CEL came on, I started in on the countdown to the limp mode where my speed is limited. I stopped at a GMC dealer in Sault Ste. Marie to get it checked out. Wont even look at it. Told me they were booked solid for the next two weeks. Just great. I continued heading west hoping to find a more helpful GMC or Chevy dealer. In the meantime my speed was reduced to 55mph which was ok, but only had I believe another 250 miles before the truck would be totally disabled. Not good. I rolled into the town of Newberry and stopped at the GMC dealer there. They were absolutely great. They too were booked but told me to leave the truck with them and they would squeeze it in. There was a campground a short distance away where we had made previous reservations. I dropped the 5th wheel off and drove the truck back to the dealer. They provided me with a loaner at no cost. Unbelievable! Long story shortened. It was the heater in the DEF tank. (Why I need a DEF heater in August is another post for another time) they overnighted the new DEF tank from Detroit overnight and two days later I was back in business. That is the second time I had the DEF tank / heater replaced under warranty. I have no idea what it would have cost but you can bet it was well north of a couple of hundred bucks. My 5th wheel weighed in at 11,000 lbs ready for a trip Did the Duramax pull it better? Yes but not as much as you would think. It was more noticeable on steep grades on the interstates. In addition to the gas 6.6 being 10,000 cheaper (figured I could drive for 3 years on that cost of the diesel engine) I had no more DEF fluid to deal with, no more sensor related issues. I still like Diesel but after 21 years and 3 diesel pickups, I'm done until they resolve the problems with the sensors and emissions. and now with part shortages I would hate to be 3,000 miles from home and have to get a new DEF tank. I would be screwed.
  4. Canadian fuel prices are very high compared to the US. I live on the Quebec border and before the borders were closed for Covid, droves of Canadians crossed the border to buy cheap American fuel and have for years. So yea, I guess diesel and gasoline are priced similar. When the border opens again, I'm sure the trend will continue.
  5. or another way to put it...... money isnt everything, but it is, if you dont have it.
  6. if the price of diesel and regular gasoline were the same, I would agree. Right now in New England diesel is running about .35 to .40 cents more a gallon. Now add in DEF and diesel additive and that 30% is long gone. Now factor in the cost of the diesel engine. I figure I'm running my gasser for 3.5 years for what that diesel engine would have cost me. I'm only pulling a 7,000 lb trailer. Nothing heavy.
  7. Sorry to hear you had issues with both trucks. I agree both trucks will get the job done. I think as a whole, the diesels are more problematic. I replaced (2) DEF tanks, and (3) nitrogen sensors with my last truck. Now add in the potential for CP4 injector pump problems destroying your fuel injection system and the EGR valve ($1,000 repair) it kinda makes you a little apprehensive. I think the fact that you went with a gasser for your business truck speaks volumes. I would have gone the same route and saved myself $10,000 in the process, along with much cheaper fuel and maintenance. Even with the added costs and more expensive problems, I still like diesels. Just hope they would straighten out the emissions. but right now, IMHO, gassers are the way to go .... unless you pull heavy and frequently. The gassers get it done. I used to pull a 11,000 5th wheel with my diesels. I now tow a 7,0000 bumper pull trailer. The mileage difference really surprised me. Pulling that 7,000 trailer on average I got 12. to 13 Mpg. with diesel. with my gasser pulling the same trailer 10.5 to 11.0 not a world of difference there. I thought I would miss the exhaust brake but not that much. The gasser trans in the tow/haul mode is pretty good.
  8. Diesel exhaust fluid, fairly expensive fuel filter that has to be changed frequently, using a diesel fuel additive such as Stanadyne, oil changes cost more due to higher oil capacity, and higher cost of diesel fuel at the pump. biggest cost, I believe is laying out the initial $10,000 for the diesel engine package itself. You can buy a lot of unleaded fuel for $10,000. I;ve had diesel pickups for the past 21 years. I went back to a gasser. I now have a 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 CCSB 6.6 gas. and love it. Never thought I would do that. Modern diesels with their finicky emissions systems have been a pain. I got stranded on two occasions while pulling my camper, 1,000 miles from home. All emissions related. Not fun. Diesels are better pullers but the modern gassers are no slouches either.
  9. I pull a Airstream Flying Cloud 28 RBT It weighs in at 7,000 lbs ready for the road. I have a 2020 GMC 6.6 gasser and it pulls it just fine. Used to have a 2011 GMC Duramax LML that I bought new and towed a 34 ft 5th wheel,. It weighed 10,040 lbs ready for the road. We downsized as we are traveling more rather than staying put in one place. Loved the duramax but just didnt need it anymore towing a 7,000 lb trailer. When I bought the 2020 gasser, I saved $10,000 by not going diesel. Figure thats pays for about 3.5 years of driving . Thought I would miss the diesel , especially the exhaust brake, but that is not the case. Love the 6.6 gasser. Plenty of power. and the six speed trans with 3.73 gears is just fine too.
  10. I think the vast majority of 2500/3500 owners are in the same situation. If you intend on using the garage you have to fold in the mirrors in, or park it outside. No much choice there. On the bright side, with the mirrors folded in I find I have much more wiggle room width wise than my old 2500. With the old truck it was a tight fit, as I had manual fold in mirrors. Time will tell if the gears hold up. So far, they seem solid.
  11. ok--- didnt notice the post with the photo of the lower ball joint.. thanks.
  12. I crawled under my 2020 Sierra 2500 this afternoon after coming back from my complimentary oil change and lube. I was only able to find 7 grease fittings. I'm with you. I dont see any on the lower ball joints. I'm guessing my total is 7? BTW the dealer did get the zerks, I could see fresh grease.
  13. I have had 3 diesel pickup trucks in the last 21 years. Two Cummins and one Duramax. The last one was a 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 Duramax ccsb. I recently traded it in on a 2020 6.6 gasser. Never did I think just a few years ago that I would ever go back to gas. The truck pulled my 34 ft 5th wheel just fine. Plenty of power, fuel mileage was just ok. average about 11.5 to 12mpg. The big factors--- the emissions on the duramax. I have been screwed twice by the truck while on a long trip. The last time was last month. I was 1300 miles from home when the def / cel light lit up on my dash. I went into a limp mode, stuck at 55 mph and heading for a lower threshhold. I pulled into one dealer in Michigan and their response is, we're busy, cant look at it until next week. Well, isnt that just great. I have camping reservations that just got jeopardized. Luckily, I went to another dealer and he got me going after 3 days. The def tank had to be replaced. The second time its been replaced btw. I have had 3 nitrogen sensors replaced also. No matter how great this truck pulled, I couldnt take the finicky and potentially disabling emissions system. Add in the problems with the EGR valve and the injector pump and you get the point. The truck only had 64,000 miles on it. Now add in the additional 10 grand premium for the diesel, plus DEF, and stanadyne I figured I could drive a gasser for 3.7 years for the cost of a diesel. On the average here in the NE diesel fuel runs about .40 cent more a gallon. I've only had the 6.6 gasser for 3 weeks now but am very happy with it. It pulls just fine. Not as strong as the duramax but it's no slouch. To each his own.
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