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  1. looks like production line wont be on line anytime soon according to this article. The governor of Ohio has all non essential companies under mandatory shutdown until 4-13-2020. The health of our country has to come first. Looks like at least another month delay to tack onto delivery time. GM Plants Unlikely To Resume Production On March 30 _ GM Authority.htm
  2. they look good! I did see where they are suppose to fit a 2020 Sierra HD. Gonna order a set. thanks for the heads up
  3. I got the regular rail. I really didnt care if the stake holes were partially exposed. I got it online from Realtrucks.com I checked with dealers around here and the price is more or less fixed. No deals to be had. I was checking some on line sites for prices and saw a %10 discount. I called this place and haggled with them. I got $300 off. It was a good deal. I will admit the wide rails would be a cleaner look but to me it wasnt a big deal.
  4. I have been checking the ARE website since late January waiting for the release of their CX fiberglass cabs for the 2020 2500 GMC's. I stopped at our local ARE dealer here in Vermont in early February and was told the molds were just being completed and production should be starting late February. I checked with the dealer again two weeks ago. He is taking orders but told me it's still 3 weeks or so before delivery. I think he was being optimistic. I think with the coronavirus it will be much longer. In the meantime I have decided to purchase a Retrax pro tonneau cover instead. I have a long trip coming up next month and need protection for gear in my bed. I also have the technology package with the 360 camera systems so I get the use of 2 of the cameras back with the tonneau. and it was $500 cheaper
  5. OK--- just went back on the GMC chat line to confirm the TPW date I was given of Friday 3-20-20 That was the wrong date I was given. The correct date is Monday 4-20-20. We have the same week. At least it's moving forward. FB35B484-E4FB-4805-A58D-45AD0591CCCA.heic
  6. Just got off the GMC chat line and got good news-- I think. I was advised I have a target production week of 3-20-20. March 20th is a Friday. I thought all TPW dates were given as a Monday, meaning that the truck would be produced sometime that week. My dealer is pretty useless, I've learned more on this site than I have from him. Does that date on a Friday sound right? or maybe a typo by the chat line? 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 HD SLT CCSB 6.6 gas 989C992B-9B28-4CAA-AE3F-D15F7FA3F8DB.heic
  7. Very nice. That's good news. You'll be riding in style soon. Best of luck
  8. Must be just north of the border. I just checked the GMC site and built my ordered truck again. The only discount offered is $1,000 for the SLT Premium Plus Package. The $2,000 customer cash incentive is now gone for this month. Same truck now costs $2,000 more. Big difference! Sure hope my truck doesnt come in to at least April now, when hopefully the gas engine incentives will be back.
  9. unless I missed something or read wrong. . . . . it looks like all the customer cash incentives have been removed from the 2500/3500 Sierra HD 6.6 gas. The only incentives are on the Duramax diesel. There is nothing this month on the gas version
  10. Ditto, same boat. Ordered on Jan 6th 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 CCSB 6.6 gas quicksilver metallic event code has not moved from 1100. I've been checking weekly on the GMC chat link Spoke to my dealer yesterday. It appears I might be in business shortly. He was optimistic about getting an allocation this coming Tuesday. We'll see. Good thing I'm not in a hurry to get a new truck. Ideally early Spring would be nice, but I am getting a little anxious.
  11. I've been following this thread with great interest as I am in a similar situation. I ordered a 2020 GMC Sierra CCSB 6.6 gas back on Jan 6th. It still sits at 1100 as of today. No movement whatsoever. Dealer has assured nothing to worry about. While I dont need to truck right now, (wouldnt mind letting the tough winter weather move on) the dealer is starting to tick me off. After reading numerous threads about guys that ordered well after me, they already have TPW dates and some have shipped. . If my order changed to 2000 today, I'm probaby still looking at 2 months out. Dealer didnt want any downpayment ... beginning to appreciate that. Dont know if I should look on the GMC search feature for another truck or wait out the dealer and allocation BS. His price was ok and fair but not a great deal. What's great about this forum is no matter what problem or situation you have, someone else has gone thru the same thing.
  12. Offhand I can think of two differences between the 2020 Silverado 2500 and the 2020 Sierra 2500-- the headlights on the Sierrra are LED vs halogen on the Silerado and the multi-pro tailgate is available only on the Sierra. but as stated earlier the drivetrains and suspensions are the same.
  13. excellent video. thanks for taking the time to make it. I made the same gas vs diesel decision. I have a 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 CCSB gasser on order. Should be here in another month or so. I am trading in my 2011 GMC duramax. Tons of power, great tow vehicle EXCEPT the emissions stuff will make you nuts. Replaced 3 nitrogen sensors, DEF tank, DPF fuel injector, and my EGR has been acting up. All covered under extended warranty but not fun getting stranded while on a trip. I was pulling a 11,500 lbs 34 foot fifth wheel for 9 years. NOw I have a 28 ft bumper pull trailer. will I miss the exhaust brake, good mileage and strong motor ? yes, but I can live with it. thanks again one of the best videos I have viewed and I've seen a bunch.
  14. in the end..... that's all that matters. It's your truck and it only has to make you happy. ok- maybe the wife too. LOL
  15. agreed. One of the main reasons I bought a new 6.6 gasser. Reliability. I have a 2011 Crew Cab 4x4 LML that I used to pull a 34 ft 5th wheel that weighed 11,500 lbs . Pulled it just fine. The only problem I ever had was with the emissions. I'd be on long trip and I'd get a CEL come on. A bad nitrogen sensor. That's great... now what. It will start going into a limp mode in 1,000 miles and I'm 1,300 miles from home. I've gone through 3 nitrogen sensors, one DEF tank, EGR code has flashed a few times but thankfully cleared. It's all been warranty but that's expensive stuff. Now add the potential for the CP4 problems and a lighter bumper pull trailer (7,000 lbs) --- a new gasser was the choice. I did drive the 7.3 before deciding on a 6.6. Ford was nice but I think power seemed very similar. I thought the 6.6 shifted a lot smoother and felt more refined. I would have been happy with either one. JMHO
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