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  1. Any luck here? Having the same issue with mine doing the MPH to Radio switch. The radio also just started randomly clicking things as well. Going to try to make sure the HMI is all tight but may include a battery unplug for 10min and see if that helps.
  2. +1 - thanks 1Slow1500, I will look into this a bit more for my setup.
  3. +1 Not great but I've seen a lot worse. Either way, while you have the opportunity get it cleaned up JL!
  4. TSB doesnt require them to drive the vehicle to complete the latest TSB for hard shift or "rumble strip feeling". Got mine flushed the other day for $300 (barely out of 60k warranty). Long story short, they put in the new blue M1 fluid and it seemed to help a bit. I also have tuned the vehicle to increase the firmness of the shifts, which also helps. But what I've noticed and maybe worth folks looking into.... the type of gas used, and more importantly where you get the gas from. If I put in Kroger gas, it runs like shit and shifts really hard. Mobile or BP... it shifts very clean. Cheaper than continuously throwing tunes, flushes, etc at the truck... try it out
  5. Never had issues with my ATS but with the Denali, any midwest precipitation starts to cause all sorts of issues. Will either disable the driver assist or beeps when I am not near anything. Stinks but it is what it is..
  6. Love the look, will have to jump on this for my 16 Denali.
  7. Can't wait for the intake! Thanks J_Mas
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