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  1. my rear view camera is on the tailgate…..kind of confused on this one.
  2. I have the same issue that the OP posted, Service ESC and Service steering system, my truck has been at the dealer for 6 weeks waiting for a steering rack that is on national backorder. same thing, parked the truck, came out to no steering, 90 min later when the tow truck came it worked fine. ive been racking the miles up on a GM paid loaner. GM hasn't gotten back to me yet on a timeline when the parts are going to be available.
  3. just so everyone knows, as a kick in the teeth, the 2020 has the console we all want for a 20$ upcharge on the custom
  4. I know its not apples to apples, but my 4.3/6speed truck has the old AFM motor in it and it consistently knocked 20-21 mpg, combined. they have me in a 5.3/ 8 speed for a loaner and I'm not impressed, 15.5 mpg.... for a truck that has DFM that's supposed to be better. If I could just get my truck back.... no parts available.
  5. my truck has the Custom Value package. includes, remote start, SXM, OnStar, LED lighting, Bed lights, Trailering package, Power Tailgate.
  6. I think it was an early production issue, my 19 Custom has SXM and Onstar
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