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  1. Looks like Fuel Vapors? What offset and any spacers? Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  2. I tried to go truckless for a few years, too, and couldn't. Congrats on the new truck! Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  3. I agree there's something wrong with GM's software culture. I develop software for safety critical systems for commercial aircraft - including brake control systems - and we would never allow a failure mode that results in a total lack of braking get into the field. The amount of rigor we have in our software development and testing seems to be missing at GM. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  4. My truck also has a noticeable hesitation between 1st and 2nd, but all other shifts are smooth and fast. I notice it more under light throttle. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  5. The setting is based on time, not distance, and the time intervals aren't defined explicitly. Here's the relevant paragraph in the owners manual: "Since each gap setting corresponds to a following time (Far, Medium, or Near), the following distance will vary based on vehicle speed. The faster the vehicle speed, the further back your vehicle will follow a vehicle detected ahead. Consider traffic and weather conditions when selecting the following gap. The range of selectable gaps may not be appropriate for all drivers and driving conditions." Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  6. 2020 SLT. Picked up at the end of November; finally got around to snapping a picture of it while in a local park. This is my first truck that isn't black... also my first truck without a plow now that I live in the south! I'm probably going to swap the wheels for a black chrome set, but otherwise it'll stay pretty much the way it is. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  7. I did a 400 mile drive yesterday and was able to check out the ACC, which I've never had before. My trip was on interstate highways at approx 75 mph and secondary highways varying from 45 mph to 60 mph. There was also a 30-mile stretch of single-lane driving at 60 mph. The ACC performed well. It didn't trigger on any vehicle not in my lane and in one instance was able to bring the truck down to 20 mph from 60 mph when a vehicle ahead of me made a right turn. After the vehicle turned the truck gradually returned to 60 mph. Several times I let the ACC slow the truck down as I approached a slower vehicle in my lane and waited for a vehicle to pass me in the passing lane. When I changed into the passing lane the ACC accelerated to the cruise set speed and resumed normal driving. If I had any criticism it would be the amount of following distance at which the ACC slows the vehicle. Even with it at the shortest setting it felt too far for me - if I were driving without ACC I would have approached much closer to the vehicle in front of me before slowing or changing lanes to pass. I'm sure it's safer the way the engineers have it implemented, but it doesn't match my driving style. I'll eventually get used to it, I'm sure. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah, I'm slowly getting rid of as much chrome as I can. Got the mirror caps from gmpartswarehouse.com. Other than a week-long delay waiting for them to ship (had to send them an email questioning my order status) they arrived in great shape and I had them on in about 20 minutes. Followed the directions posted [email protected] Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  9. Just installed them this morning. They're a close match but don't fit perfectly. From a distance they look good. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
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