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  1. Swiftks, how much tire is sticking out of the fender? looks like a couple inches.
  2. I like the Grabber AT/X tires but they are so much heavier than other tires of the same size. They have a good reputation so far but there isn't as much customer base as competing tires which have been out years longer so reviews are a bit new to be able to do a true comparison.
  3. shouldn't be too much longer until Whipple/Magnuson come out with something. I'd be interested if a ZL1 Camaro fuel pump/injectors could be used for fueling upgrades which is common on other builds and much cheaper than complete fuel system upgrades which is not needed at the power levels most will see on these trucks.
  4. JHOGUE if you added a 1" spacer/adapter to the wheels would they give enough clearance without rubbing anywhere and not have the tires sticking out of the fenders?
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