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  1. I've taken it to the dealer 6 different times, and three different dealerships. They all say they heard it and they all say they fixed it...
  2. This is more towards the door. I have removed the under dash and tried to tighten every bolt I could find
  3. I have a 2019 GMC Sierra Denali with only 14k miles on it. I took it to the dealership twice and both times they said they that U-bolts of the leaf springs assembly were re-torqued and new real leaf spring inserts were installed. The squeak goes away for about two days and then comes back. It sounds like I am driving an 80 year old rocking chair. Anyone got any advice?
  4. I know there are a few options for light bars behind the grill for a Silverado, but has anyone found a behind the grill light bar for a 19 Sierra Denali?
  5. I have taken it to two different dealerships and no fix yet. Mine happens around 50 mph and occurs about 90% of the time. I went through the same checks you did. If anyone has solved this, I would greatly appreciate the help.
  6. I used the magnet in my center console but during the summer it lost its adhesive and fell off. Was thinking about putting a magnet inside the slot beside the center console but I am afraid it will just slide off there. Don't really want to drill holes to mount it.
  7. I have had a rattle behind the dash near the drivers door for months now when I go over 50 mph. I have taken it to two different dealerships multiple times with no solution. It kills me.
  8. I have kept it in the center console attached to a magnet, but was wondering if anyone else has come up with a better concealment idea.
  9. I didn't know if there was a place for the light bar behind the grille with the active shutters
  10. Looking to vinyl wrap the chrome window trip and some other pieces on my Denali. I'm going to hold off to do the grille when someone designs a light bar to mount behind the grille so I only have to take it off once. Anyone had any experience doing this yet?
  11. I agree with you. My Denali has 22" rims also. After the level, I was hard pressed to find All-terrain tires and when I got the Grappler G2's the price was outrageous.
  12. Plasti dipped the emblems on my tailgate and door. Trying to figure out what to do about the chrome accent pieces. I guess wrapping them would be much better than spraying them. Got a 1.5" level (can't go higher and fit in the parking garage), NITTO TERRA GRAPPLER G2 305 /45 R22, bed cover and a few other things. Has anyone installed a light bar behind the grill on a 2019 yet?
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