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  1. Looks nice but I couldn't do that. I actually use my truck to haul stuff, no offense.
  2. Looks good. I like not having to clean & wax around the letters. Makes life easier. Yea my Denali may come off too. Just seeing how I like it. The only ones I'm probably gonna leave on is the side emblem with the 6.2 on it because there's an indention there. I removed all on my 07 Silverado. Eraser wheel is a life saver. Glad it worked out for you.
  3. Thanks for all the info. Very detailed which helps out. So it does look like the screws are on the outer edge away from that extra thickness support in the center. That's what I was wondering. I didn't know if they extended the extra thickness all the way to the edge for support of the roof rack system. Very helpful. May add one later to mine.
  4. I'm curious if I could add one to it. What's there ceiling of yours look like? I know the center is extra think just don't know if where they mounted yours is.
  5. I almost ordered the rack system on mine but never needed before.
  6. If you find one I'm sure it wouldn't fit properly or look very well.
  7. There was a lot behind the GMC because it's so large. I also took Sierra off but it wasn't near as hard as the GMC. I used an eraser wheel attached to a drill. Made it really easy. On my other truck I sat there and rubbed it off with my fingers and after a while it's not so pleasant on the fingers. Eraser wheel first then sprayed a gunk remover and wiped clean. Don't leave any scratches. Bought mine on Ebay for $6.
  8. Mine came in within 2 weeks. Leer shells come in quicker than ARE. ARE took 7 weeks. I drove 1 hour to get my shell $600 cheaper than local dealer. It's sad that the local dealer wouldn't match the other dealers price since it was going to be my 3 shell purchasing from them. It wasn't on sale either, it was their regular price. Looking forward to your pics.
  9. No, you have to open camper to use multi-pro gate. There won't be any camper top that allows this because there is a lip that covers the edge of tailgate. This also won't allow the remote tailgate opening, which none of that bothers me. You can open multi-pro gate then close rear window if you want though.
  10. Yes I removed the words Leer that was right above the handle. The emblems are still on the side just because they are sunk in and don't want the empty indention where they would be. Yesterday I also removed GMC and Sierra off the tailgate.
  11. Well I finally got good weather since I got my Leer 100XL installed and was able to wash her for pictures finally. I've always had ARE Z Series but didn't like Z2. Ordered this and I like it better.
  12. If you go back to page 5, I think the last post on that page is mine. I posted pics of the camper and I don't like the look of the pop-out window. Plus the handle you use to pop out is all plastic. Cheaply made. There isn't any partial opening. It's either open all the way or closed. Main reason though is I can't stand the look of that small inside a big window. Wife don't like it either. Got my Leer 100XL in and installed this week and love it. I haven't posted picture yet because it's been raining and my truck needs a bath.
  13. You ordered it with 2 different side windows? Looks like one slides and the other lifts up.
  14. Does anyone else have this brake plus rear end collision deterrent system installed on their truck from the dealer? It makes your 3rd braked light flash 3 or 4 times then goes steady on like usual. I sure didn't want it but it was already on the truck and my dealer charged $400 for it which in my opinion is crazy. I've looked online and there isn't any installation info on this. If you go to the company website http://brakeplususa.com/ the installation is password protected for dealers only. I'm trying to find out where it's installed to move it to my camper shell that will be getting installed this month.
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