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  1. If you go back to page 5, I think the last post on that page is mine. I posted pics of the camper and I don't like the look of the pop-out window. Plus the handle you use to pop out is all plastic. Cheaply made. There isn't any partial opening. It's either open all the way or closed. Main reason though is I can't stand the look of that small inside a big window. Wife don't like it either. Got my Leer 100XL in and installed this week and love it. I haven't posted picture yet because it's been raining and my truck needs a bath.
  2. You ordered it with 2 different side windows? Looks like one slides and the other lifts up.
  3. Does anyone else have this brake plus rear end collision deterrent system installed on their truck from the dealer? It makes your 3rd braked light flash 3 or 4 times then goes steady on like usual. I sure didn't want it but it was already on the truck and my dealer charged $400 for it which in my opinion is crazy. I've looked online and there isn't any installation info on this. If you go to the company website http://brakeplususa.com/ the installation is password protected for dealers only. I'm trying to find out where it's installed to move it to my camper shell that will be getting installed this month.
  4. We need more pictures of your truck!!!
  5. I've had one for 18 years on all my trucks and seeing through the mirror isn't a problem. I ordered an ARE Z2 and it came in this week but wasn't what the dealer said it was going to be. I ordered a Leer 100XL today from a different dealer and saved $600. I waited 7 weeks for Z2 to come it and disappointed that it was the wrong thing. I've always had ARE Z series. Jumping over to Leer now.
  6. Yea the spoke was hitting the caliper. I was a little disappointed. LOL
  7. Those look great! Well I tried the dodge wheel on and as I figured the offset isn't correct and the calipers hit. I'll go check that site out thanks.
  8. These are at a dealership so I plan on having them try them on to make sure they'll work. I've heard it's hard to find wheels that fit because our calibers are bigger than previous models. This picture was taken to get an idea what it would look like. I think someone posted on one of these forums a picture of them but I just can't remember which one. LOL I've read so many and slept since then. LOL
  9. I like the look of that wheel and GM is way to proud of there wheels. The center cap is smaller than mine. I'll just have to try them on and see.
  10. I think I seen somewhere that someone had put this Ram wheel on there GMC. If so can you post your picture here? I'm looking at purchasing a set with tires and wanted to see if they fit. Also wondering if you found a blank chrome center cap and where.
  11. He's full of crap. I've had 2 different ARE Z series for the past 17 or 18 years and never had a leak at rear window. My last one did start leaking around the front window and was going to reseal it but traded truck in so never did it. It was also a 12 year old camper that I ordered new in 2007. I'm disappointed though because on my new truck I ordered the Z2 because the don't the make the Z series anymore. Dealer told me that the solid window on the side will vent like the Z series did. I didn't like the small pop out window option and guess what came in, small pop out window. Told her that wasn't the correct window and don't like that. She called ARE and they don't make it where the whole window vents. If a solid window was put in it wouldn't vent. Now I have to try and get my deposit back since it's not what I wanted. Ordered this 12-13-19 and it came in yesterday. I was looking forward to getting it but now I'm disappointed.
  12. I ordered a ARE Z2 series 12-13-19 for my 2019 Sierra Denali crew cab. Just got word it should be here this week because it was shipped Saturday from Ohio factory. Can't wait to get it on. I've had a Z series for the past 17 years because when we had our first kids and having a truck, I needed to keep the stroller and groceries dry. Now I can't go without one. Nice to go on vacation and keep everything dry in the camper shell. They just don't make the Z series anymore and make Z2 now.
  13. I'm waiting on my A.R.E. camper shell to come in. I don't see anyway that the rear view camera will be able to be used. It's in the 3rd brake light assembly. I don't use it now so it's not going to bother me any to not have it.
  14. Awesome looking truck! Love the wheels too. I'm not into lowering vehicles but yours looks really good. First one I've seen lowered.
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