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  1. The T harness is at the BCM and OBD. If you want to defeat an alarm you would be better off just disconnecting the battery then trying to unplug this alarm harness. If someone opens the door, smashes the window, etc the alarm is already going off and a push alert is sent to your phone.
  2. The only wired connection was for parking lights. Everything else was T harness. The system was professionally installed, I didn’t do it.
  3. I have a www.compustar.com 2way Alarm with Remote Start and their www.dronemobile.com LTE module and app. The system comes with built in glass break, impact detection, remote start, GPS tracking, etc. Very happy with it, works perfect and was installed with a factory style T-harness so that very few wires are cut. Most Compustar 2way systems now come with the LTE App included in the kit.
  4. Just picked up a 2020 with the 3.0 diesel. It’s the LTZ trim. I’m absolutely blown away with this truck. The family and I take a lot of summer road trips, so looking forward to the MPG gains with the diesel. I’m in the camp of loving the interior. This truck is such a joy to drive.
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