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  1. Vision Wheel 142 Legend 6 Chrome Silver (20x9, 20 offset), and remounted the OEM Bridgestone 275/60/20's. No spacers were needed, but there's only about 3/8-7/16" clearance. I wanted the "old school" look.
  2. Westin PRO TRAXX 5 Oval W2W Nerf Step Bars 21-534680 In this pic, I didn't have the bracket covers installed, because I wanted to see how I liked it without them. I have since installed the covers. It just gives it a more "finished" look. Keep in mind, if you decide to install the covers later, you will need to remove the bars. It wasn't a big deal though.
  3. Do you want a BONUS? When you checkout, use the code leamangriffin&lasfit to score an additional 10% off!. Leaman Griffin has a YouTube channel. I've learned a LOT about my truck from watching his vids. This is the one about the turn signals...
  4. So here's what I learned about my 2020 Silverado 1500 LT Texas Edition... 1) When it's day, and just the DRL's are on, they are at their brightest. When the turn signal is on, the DRL's TURN OFF. 2) When it's night, and the lights are on, the DRL's are dimmer. When the turn signal is on, the DRL's DO NOT TURN OFF. There is a federal law (FMVSS 108) that states when the DRL's can stay on and when they must turn off. Here is a good read that I found... https://jalopnik.com/heres-why-modern-cars-turn-off-one-of-their-lights-when-1792394567 So, I ordered the quoted harness shown above. After installing, I checked all lighting functions and everything worked as normal, and the DRL's DID NOT TURN OFF...even in the day. And to hopefully not be out of compliance in any way, I ordered these turn signal bulbs from Lasfit. They're designed to avoid any "hyperflash" errors. https://www.lasfit.com/collections/7443/products/lasfit-7440-7441-w21w-led-turn-signal-lights-canbus-error-free So now, my DRL's stay on ALL THE TIME, and my turn signals are BRIGHT AS HELL without any errors. I'm happy with this modification combination.
  5. I picked one of these up today at Lowe's. It fits PERFECT on my 2020 Silverado. Thanks for the info.
  6. I got my factory Kicker subwoofer installed today at the dealership. I had 20,000 Rewards points (100.00), so that more than paid for the installation. I have the non-Bose system in my 2020 LT. After leaving the dealership I was thinking...hmmm. But I knew from reading this forum that I needed to do some tweaking, and I had already purchased the remote control. I removed the amp and found switches 1,4, and 5 up. After putting ALL up except 6, the sub came to life. WOW!!! I have the bass on the head unit set at 0, and the remote set about 65%. This thing definitely thumps. And if I put it much higher, it's actually overbearing. I'm a happy camper. I waited tooooo many years to put a sub in my 2002 Ram, so I wasn't going to waste any time getting one put in the Chevy. I'm glad I went with the Kicker. Thanks to everyone for their input on here.
  7. Can you remove just that piece, or did they have to take the entire grille off to get to it? I'm really thinking of having mine done and was wondering how difficult it is. Thanks.
  8. Was all the wiring and directions included when you bought the Kicker box? Was it fairly easy to install? Thanks.
  9. Did they remove the grille from the truck or do it in place? Thanks.
  10. Was that grille matte, satin or gloss when you got it? It appears to be matte but pictures can be deceiving. Thanks.
  11. I just got my 2020 Silverado. I'm also looking to remove the mud flaps and install the plugs. I assume that I will need four (4) plugs? Thanks.
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