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  1. I also used crates like that was use a bed net to keep then from sliding.
  2. I purchased and use Dick Norris in Clearwater. They’ve always done an excellent job. I only have 9k miles so my experience is limited.
  3. Yes, two ridges. One on each side. I didn’t remove the tailgate either. I opened the tailgate and removed the right side. I rested the open tailgate on a couple of plastic totes and swung it out to provide room to install. For spacers I used plastic chopsticks since I couldn’t find anything else laying around that was 1/4” Don’t laugh, it worked.
  4. The 5/16” in stated in the wiring instructions. I attached the page .
  5. http://www.gmoutlet.com/gmepp_quote.html best price I could find.
  6. I have a sunroof in my 2020 SLT. I love it even though I don’t use it as much as I should. I have had sunroofs in most of my vehicles and this is the only one not to make buffeting sounds when driving. I can actually drive on the highway with it open. It all depends what you end up paying for it. The only truck the dealer had with the color I wanted had the sunroof. At first I refused to pay it but ended up paying $300. I was told it adds $800 to the value at trade in.
  7. I sold a vehicle to them and their offer was better than any local dealer. Nice clean, easy transaction. Sure beats dealing with the dealership. I definitely recommend them.
  8. My 2020 Sierra was having the same issue. I think there was a software update and it resolved the issue. Check and see if there is an update for your truck.
  9. Supercup, thank you for your response. You gave me more to think about.
  10. I’d love to add audio to my multi-pro tailgate but can’t justify spending $600+ for the Kicker system. Is anyone aware of other options out there to add audio?
  11. I purchased the BAK Vortrak. I really like it and the price is right. I don’t know if I’d recommend Real Truck. Very poor response to issues. https://realtruck.com/p/bak-vortrak-tonneau-cover/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2020/
  12. Installed Putco blade p/n 92010-60 & wiring harness 529005 on my 2020 1500 SLT.
  13. I just installed mine today. I only removed the right side of the tail gate. Remove the cables Securing the tail gate and raise up the tail gate until the flats on the right hinge aligns with the cutouts on mount. Lift up at about 45 degree angle and remove tailgate from the bracket. I left the left side attached. There is enough play in the wiring to allow the tailgate to be pulled away from the bed enough to give room to work. I laid the tail gate on a couple totes to hold it flat without hanging down. Look at the instructions and ensure that the two outside light bar clips are instal
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