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  1. My 2020 Sierra was having the same issue. I think there was a software update and it resolved the issue. Check and see if there is an update for your truck.
  2. Supercup, thank you for your response. You gave me more to think about.
  3. I’d love to add audio to my multi-pro tailgate but can’t justify spending $600+ for the Kicker system. Is anyone aware of other options out there to add audio?
  4. I purchased the BAK Vortrak. I really like it and the price is right. I don’t know if I’d recommend Real Truck. Very poor response to issues. https://realtruck.com/p/bak-vortrak-tonneau-cover/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2020/
  5. Installed Putco blade p/n 92010-60 & wiring harness 529005 on my 2020 1500 SLT.
  6. I just installed mine today. I only removed the right side of the tail gate. Remove the cables Securing the tail gate and raise up the tail gate until the flats on the right hinge aligns with the cutouts on mount. Lift up at about 45 degree angle and remove tailgate from the bracket. I left the left side attached. There is enough play in the wiring to allow the tailgate to be pulled away from the bed enough to give room to work. I laid the tail gate on a couple totes to hold it flat without hanging down. Look at the instructions and ensure that the two outside light bar clips are installed 1/4”- 5/16” above the raised lip on the back of the bed at each end. If you don’t the lights will not be visible. I then used a string tied to the outside clips to align the heights of the two center clips. Then clipped in the light bar. Make sure you have enough tie wraps to secure the wiring underneath. Sorry I don’t have any picture currently. If you really need them I can take some. I apologize if my instructions are not understandable as I am multi-tasking.
  7. 2020 Sierra SLT. When I start my truck there is no volume on my satellite radio. I must change stations before I get any sound. Just started last few weeks. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?
  8. Is your phone sitting on the wireless charger when attempting to connect? Sounds strange but I have connection issues when the phone is on the wireless charger. Once connected I place it on the charger.
  9. KEYO1E 4.8'' AM/FM Radio Short Antenna Compatible with Chevy Silverado 2007-2020 from Amazon. Works great!
  10. Does your AT4 have lane keeping? Is it affected by the light bar? What p/n?
  11. I love it! One of the reason I purchased this truck.
  12. After market paint rarely matches original. I recently sold a vehicle where the purchaser went around my car and checked the paint for uniform depth looking for repairs. Have them locate another vehicle if not I’d always feel that I purchased a repaired vehicle. I guess it all depends on your expectations when purchasing a new vehicle.
  13. I love it! Yes, it’s easy to disengage to normal CC.
  14. Real nice work! I agree that they were sleeping when they did not put a sunglass holder in the roof console like so many other GM’s.
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