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  1. Yeah I have a stock 6.2L / 10 spd TB and I am averaging 15mpg with mixed driving. I wish I was getting 20mpgs
  2. I have LT TB with 6.2L with the factory 18" wheels with Duratracs. I am averaging 15mpg. Best was 19.7 mpg.
  3. I had a Fumoto on an old Eclipse that I had but with ground clearance concerns, I never left it on. How far does this Fumoto hang down on the 6.2L and do you have any concerns with branches or anything catching the handle and opening the valve accidentally and dumping the oil?
  4. Installed the AVS and had them less than a week and ripped them out of my truck as well as my wifes vehicle and returned them and bought the stick ons. I prefer the in channel but they can be a pain. I followed the instructions to the "T" and still failed.
  5. Was actually alot easier than I thought. Just removed the tailgate to do it. Ended up shortening the wiring harness that Putco gives you because it was about 2.5 ft too long when using the harness. I ended up putting the blade slightly too high though. Tailgate rubs a little on top of the light bar when tailgate is put down.
  6. Installed the following: Chevy Offroad running boards, Bak Revolver x4, Rough Country grill lights (wired to high beam fuse as switch), Putco Blade LED tailgate light. Painted the bow tie in the bed (northsky blue), installed BD Trim domed black tailgate lettering. Have black badges coming for tailgate and hood badges.
  7. So I bought the Putco Blade light bar to install on my 2020 LT TB. The space in-between the bumper and tailgate is not as big as I thought it would be. Any tips for installing it with the tailgate still on? How hard is it to remove the tailgate? And anyone have good directions for removal or a good video? Thank you Matt
  8. 2020 LT Trail Boss with 6.2L, Leather and Moonroof, Running Boards and bed protection. Sticker was $59,500. After dealer discount and Chevy rebate $47,500 + tax, title, etc.
  9. Just picked her up less than a week ago. Love the truck
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