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  1. Kind of hard to tell from the poor photo I put up, but it does change from 2x4 to 4x4 inside the emblem. Not as obvious as in years past though.
  2. The 2020 3500HD does have the indicator on the display now
  3. I'm just late to the party! Oh well, I want to make it look as clean and factory as possible, so I'll wait for my switch to come into the local GM dealership.
  4. Just ordered my OEM switch as I couldn't find one avail online - $170CA !!! A far cry from the $25USD listed at the start of this in 2018! Looking fwd to the final product though.
  5. Any chance you were looking at the fuel filter life at 83% - I don't recall my engine oil showing remaining life until it came on at 10% (I could be wrong here though - just seem to recall that)
  6. I received a GM (Canada) letter recently indicating there will be coverage for the 2016 with issues relating to DEF heater performance as a Special Coverage Program (SCP) N192210260 Perhaps it is avail in the US as well? Scan.pdf
  7. Wow! What a huge and informative post! Very nice! I'm looking to buy a blue switch, preferably the new 84168423 version - I'm in Canada. Is there anyone still looking to sell theirs? PM me if you have something. Thanks again for the great info.
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