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  1. For reference I have a 2.5” front level and 2” rear blocks. From the ground to top of wheel wells are as follows: FL 39.25, FR 39.50, RL 41.75, RR 41.50 Opposite corners sit higher/lower. Might be due to tire pressure. Or just build factors. My guess is this much variation is normal.
  2. I think it’s just the 4wd because of the driveshafts and cv joints. I have a 2.5” lower on a 2wd and no issues so far and no clearance issues anywhere that I can see.
  3. I guess I didn’t pose my question clearly. 1. What make and exact size are the 35” tires shown on the stock wheels? and 2) with those tires and 2” wheel spacers how much rubbing/trimming is required with a 6” lift? Thanks.
  4. 6.5” front and 4” rear is actually level. Ideal would be 6” front and 4.5” rear if I can find them. If not might do 5” rear to leave some rake. That’s not the point of my original question though thanks for pointing that out...
  5. I’m working on a project to do a 6” front and 4” rear and want to go 35” tires (Either 295/65r20 or maybe 35x?) if possible on stock wheels. What tires are in these pictures? What if any issues did you have with rubbing, and did you run any wheel offsets? With the lift I’m planning it kicks the front wheels out about .25” and was going to run 1.5” wheel spacers to clear spindles/links, etc... Which puts me at about a -28 offset and was wondering what kind of rubbing issues I’m going to run into. Thanks for any insight.
  6. With the wheel spacers did you have to trim the wheel studs or get shorter studs? Can you provide details on how those installed? Also, what brand did you use?
  7. Did the 1.5” wheel spacers fit without trimming the studs?
  8. Backed into my mailbox. Anyone know the best way to remove light scratching and scuffs? Northsky Blue color.
  9. Working on a new build and trying to find 4.5” rear blocks for a T1. That seems to be the sweet spot for what I’m trying. 5” a little much, 4” not quite enough. Don’t want it completely level, but not too much rake. If I can’t find them gonna go with 5” and keep a bit more rake. Better with a load or towing. Doing 6” up front and 1.5” difference just about perfect for my truck. Thanks.
  10. Here’s what I’m thinking of trying. I have the basic Custom door mirrors without task lighting. Not that I think I’d use the task lighting much, but I think those mirrors look much better, and plan on painting the mirror caps to match my truck in Northsky Blue, which are not available off the shelf. There does not appear to be different door wiring harnesses between the Custom mirrors and the basic task lighting mirrors from what I have seen on parts lists, so I assume that the wiring harnesses are the same. If anyone has more detail on this please let me know. Now, I am also planning on adding the fog light kit. I am going on the assumption I can get the switch set for With task lighting and when I have the dealership reflash the fog lights then, if they weren’t plug and play, the task lights on the mirrors as well. Anyway, that’s my plan. Am I being naive? I don’t know if there is a different wiring harness to that switch. At this point all variables are in the wiring harnesses.
  11. Has anyone done a spindle lift on a T1 2wd? Looking into it as an alternative to struts and UCAs. Preferably 4”. I know it widens the front end. Any clearance issues? Would love to run stock wheels with 295/65r20s (Custom) but not sure of offset problems.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. Had asked on another thread but no responses. Side warning would be an extra bonus, but just the features you listed would be awesome.
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