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  1. 2020 Chevrolet Silverado Custom, 2wd. 4.3 V6. @4000 miles It had been raining pretty heavily in Florida the past couple days. Got in the truck yesterday and started it up, noticed a little bit of a funny smell. At the same time my wife opened up the passenger door and there was a large puff/cloud of smoke. Don't know if it was from in the truck (door area) or from under the truck. Then it went away. Almost smelled like electrical burning. Everything seems to be working ok, no warning lights, etc... I'm going to be making an appointment to have it checked at dealership, but probably won't be for another week. Any thoughts, or has this happened to anyone else? Not a good sign from a new vehicle in my opinion.
  2. I have the 4.3 in a 2020 custom. Not towing anything big and I got the truck for a very reasonable price. I am really impressed by the motor. It’s not a sports car, but I have not once thought I needed more motor. Now, I haven’t towed anything heavy, but for general use it is more than enough. And for a truck that ended up in the mid-$20s I couldn’t be happier.
  3. I used the Sealight LED bulbs. Bought them from Amazon. I can’t remember, maybe $135 or so. Work awesome. 15 minutes to swap out. For high beams go in through wheel wells. They were discussed in detail in another post here a few months ago.
  4. I think the MaxTrac kit uses a 3.5” spindle lift in conjunction with a 3” strut spacer.
  5. What are the details on how you set your truck up lift details, wheels, tires, pictures? Not a lot of people have used spindle lifts on the new trucks yet.
  6. According to Maxtracs themselves they widen the front 7/8 inch per side. I’ve had numerous conversations with them planning my lift.
  7. I tried on the website but couldn’t figure out how to get free shipping or the April discount that was advertised. It wasn’t an important purchase for me so I just gave up.
  8. I did a search on Etsy but couldn’t find that exact one. I’ve been lookin and that’s my favorite so far. Could you find out where you got it? Thanks.
  9. The spindle lift doesn’t change geometry, so you’re left with just figuring out how much of a leveling lift you are comfortable with. Mac Trax offers a 3” on top of their 3.5” spindle. Going that big you may want to consider new upper control arms too, I’m not sure. I currently have a 2.5” level and will probably be adding the spindle lift to that for a total of 6”. Remember in your calculations the spindles make the front end sit wider, and you’ll need to watch the wheels you run, size and offset have specific requirements. You might be able to run stock wheels with spacers, or need to go aftermarket. It’s a super economical way to lift a 2wd.
  10. How much space do you have between the tire and upper control arm? I have a 2.5 front 2.0 rear and this looks like a great setup. And you just trimmed plastic and no metal? No rubbing?
  11. What lift do you have and what are the tires?
  12. If the stock wheels are +26mm offset adding a 1” spacer will take you down to essentially a 0 offset. 1.5” spacer will take you to -12 offset and 2” spacer will take you to -25 offset. You’ll gain clearance from chassis/driveline components but the lower the offset the greater the chance of rubbing in the fender well. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of easy to understand definitive data of what works best with tire/wheel/lift combinations out there so unless you are doing exactly what someone else has done you’re making a best guess.
  13. Thanks. I’ve actually been in touch with them planning for my lift. The plan right now is 6” total up front and either 4” or 5” blocks in the rear. Stock wheels with 1.5” wheel spacers in front and 2” in rear, running 35” tires. Spacers may require some fender well trimming, not sure yet. Was hoping to see something similar before I do it but so far nothing.
  14. Why can’t you add the locking rear diff? Those are not electronic, should just be able to bolt one in if you wanted to.
  15. Did you paint the factory mirror Caps and door handles or did you buy separate ‘paintable’ ones and have your body shop shoot them?
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