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  1. Mine worked 2 month ago, I tried it today and NOTHING, not even a calibrate screen, now what?
  2. I just picked up my trailer from storage today, TPMS were installed last fall on the trailer and worked fine. No reading from them, I drove 10 miles and still no reading, I used the relearn tool and all 4 TPMS were able to be read by the truck (truck running the whole time), I drove 2 hours and pulled over to take a break, I turned the truck off, got out and walked around for 10 minutes, got back in the truck, started it up and NO readings again, NO SENSORS found? what gives? You buy a $70,000. dollar truck for this crap? HELP PLEASE..
  3. I installed my 4 TPMS on my travel trailer with new tires, the truck picked up all 4 when I used the TPMS sensor tool. I unhooked the trailer, it sat for 4 days, I hooked back up to it and the truck does not find any of the sensors? I tried relearning with the sensor tool and nothing. Any ideas?
  4. Mine had the same problem, drove good 1 day, dead the next, nothing worked, jumped it and took it to the dealer who tried to give me some BS about my amp steps being plugged into the OBD port, and refused to give me a new battery. Drove it home and tighten the bolts in the fuse box under the hood on the drivers side and it's bee fine since (4 months).
  5. Well after doing some research, what I've come up with is that, the fuse box under the hood, is held together with 4 silver color bolts that are to be torque to 56 inch pounds. Mine were only maybe 10 inch pounds. There is also a green color indicator by each bolt that tells if it is tight, it's green but there not tight! I hope this helps.
  6. So Saturday I back the truck out of the garage,do a few errands and put it back in the garage. I go out Sunday and truck is totally dead, no lights, no horn, nothing. I call GM road side, tow truck comes he hooks a jump box to it and it fires right off. After it starts there is NO code, NO warnings, the clock is the correct time, even all my radio channels are OK. So I drive it to my dealer, they take it in to check it out, after 45 minutes they come out and say they can't find anything and hand my a piece of paper, ( #13-08-166-001E Aftermarket ALDL or DLC interface devices causing multiple issues). Then they want to do a drain test on the battery, so I say OK, after another 2 hours they come back out and say everything is fine. They state that my problem is the AMP power steps that are plugged into the OBD port under the dash. I find that hard to believe, that after sitting over night the battery would go totally dead. The truck has less than 1500 miles on it and has sat for up to 4 days straight before all this and started with no problem. Any ideas?
  7. I just did mine install in 1 hour and 20 minutes, that includes running wires from the Switches, into the engine compartment for future use. Two things to help you do this install; First, insert a long screwdriver into the hole in the rubber boot from the engine side into the cab. Do this for two reasons, one, made sure the path for the new wire is clear and unobstructed, second, while the screwdriver is installed, go into the cab and look were it is located, that way you have a idea were to look for the wire you are going to insert. Second, spray a little wire lube in the rubber boot to make the wire slide in easier. Make up a 4 wire harness and stick it in the rubber boot after you insert the power wire. You might as well extend the wires from the switches while you have everything apart.
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