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  1. How well are your devices charging? I installed the charging pad into my '16 Denali and it seems to trickle at best. If not using the phone (iphone 8 plus) it will very slowly add charge to the battery but if its being used for maps the charge drops but not as quickly as if not connected. If I run Waze, that's a joke; the charge doesn't even begin to keep up. Am I just expecting too much?
  2. The seat coolers in my '12 Avalanche were amazing especially in Texas, the '16... not so much. I can feel it if I sit in a certain position but that doesn't last long.
  3. When I purchased my '16 in February I had the same issue at 46k miles. The dealership replaced the battery cables and no light since. I thought it was BS at the time but hard to argue with now.
  4. I really like their bars. I have had them on an '01 Exped... and a '11 Wrangler. In both cases that alone made the vehicle MUCH more fun to drive and amazingly more stable (esp in the Wrangler w/ very little loss of articulation).
  5. I didn't realize this is the only pic I have of it that's not covered in mud.
  6. If an Off Road Park is what you are looking for Bridgeport will be the closest. It is a lot of fun in our Jeep. You might have to be somewhat selective of what trail you use out there. There are others in Gilmer, Tx and Davis, Ok. What exactly are you looking for?
  7. My '16 w/ 6/2 and 3.43's will spin my 35" Ridge Grapplers w/o thinking twice. My simple opinion based solely on my own experience with my own truck; unless your pulling a huge amount of weight or chasing Jeeps crawling up rock faces the gearing in these is just fine. Just my thought, worth what was paid....
  8. One of the TV stations did a story on this exact topic a couple of weeks ago. I think the total time was under 20 seconds for our trucks. Felt great about seeing that a week after buying mine...
  9. Mine's at the dealership now for a condenser. Purchased the truck 30 days ago when the temp was 40. Better to find it now at 85 degrees than 105. 2016 w/ 47K on it.
  10. I put the OEx pads on my son's Jeep and they have been fantastic. Granted a totally different setup but I'd buy them again and have.
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