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  1. I'm just going to leave these two links here as a proof of a general concept in industrial design today: https://w__.youtube.com/watch?v=iiCBYAP_Sgg https://w__.tundras.com/threads/2019-tundra-transmission-thermostat-location.42555/
  2. As for the temperatures, it does not change the maximum cooling capacity of the system. You would need to get a bigger trans cooler to lower the temperature under the maximum load. However, the average trans fluid temperature will be lower because it goes through the cooler at all times regardless of the internal temperature of the transmission. For someone like me who does a fair amount of short trips it would mean longer trans fluid / transmission life. When you are planning to do this mod check if you have active grille shutters (I believe it's a standard feature starting from 2017 model year). Those will help to warm your engine and transmission up quicker in winter and basically eliminate the need for a transmission thermostat (think: another point of failure).
  3. Just got this kit installed on my Tahoe at the dealership yesterday (2018 LS 4WD max tow). Will be watching the trans temperatures as the weather warms up.
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