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  1. Same issue. Best guess, it is supposed to keep items from falling down there. If you were to drop coins or a pen down there, it would be near impossible to get out and rattle all the time. If you are still under the bumper to bumper warranty, make it the dealers problem to fix.
  2. Don’t make it easy by leaving your key fob in it, but if they want it bad enough they will get it. Just make sure you have insurance to cover it! Personally, if they steal it, I probably don’t want it back.
  3. Don’t know about the bolt in notches but when I did a welded in notch in my old S10, it was much stronger. Basically I change it from C-channel frame to full boxed frame just smaller. If you are unsure about the strength of the frame after the notch then don’t do it. Your safety is far more important than what the insurance will say. If you are pushing it back up with shackles or bags, you may not need it. He had a full flip kit at 6”.
  4. Flip kit install. They have another video for the Beltech Shackles. The shackles have a lot of holes, wonder if the could be used for lift as well.
  5. Interesting because I thought they were. https://www.suspensionsuperstore.com/2019-2020-chevy-gmc-1500-2wd-2-4-drop-kit-belltech/ You could do a flip kit and 2” lift shackles. or do the flip kit and add helper bags to lift a little. Have you contacted Reklez Suspension Works. One of their videos showed a flip kit without the notch.
  6. I like the idea of a Boost Gauge but it is way too low. That needs to be in the A Pillar or on top of the dash.... You could mount your Nitrous Arm and Purge Switches there. Tie the solenoid into your GO-Pedal TPS. More mundane ideas: Bass Knob Auxiliary Lights Air Pressure Gauge for the Air Bags or Tank (could also be for helper bags)
  7. If you really need to go CDs, you could go a little old school. For a while add on CD Changers that worked through your FM had some popularity. I had a Kenwood, Pioneer, and JVC at different times. You put 6-12 CDs in a changeable cartridge. I actually bought a used JVC setup several years ago that I never installed. Was going to using it on an older car that I wanted to look original. Still have it, if you were close by, I would just give it to you.
  8. Looks good! I like the rounded edges, that is a good addition both front and back. Basically, you have a DIY Kicker system. Is that a 10" sub? How much volume did you end up with? Any reason you chose upfiring instead of downfiring?
  9. Self Install? Bolt in Notch or Welded? How does it ride compared to stock?
  10. Small road disturbances like road joints, cracks, and small pot holes seem way more noticeable that they should and more noticeable than my 2014. If no one really offers a solution, I will figure something out. Originally, I thought that Denali/High Country leaf springs may help but not so sure after reading up on them.
  11. Hate to say it but you could just fold the armrest up out of the way. If you still need/want cup holders etc, just go old school and add a cheap plastic one or a fancy one from Walmart, Amazon, or the auto parts store. You could put it on the seat or on the tunnel.
  12. You are not the only one to wonder about the bouncy ride. 2019 Crew Cab Silverado LT 5.3 2WD with 18" wheels Not sure what it is, springs are too stiff and shocks too soft? Also thought about tires, stock 18" Wranglers may not be very soft either. This is with no real load just people, maybe a few hundred pounds in the bed would help.... I am good with a soft Cadillac ride or with a stiffer sporty ride but this is like the worst of both combined. I am 5K miles into this ride. It does not ride anywhere near as good as my 2014 Crew Cab Silverado LT 5.3 2WD with 20" wheels. Maybe that 300 lbs they removed didn't help the ride.
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