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  1. Fuel Vapor 20x10 Nitto Ridge Grappler 35x12.5 4” Zone suspension lift on top of factory TB 2” for a total of 6” minor trimming of the wheel well
  2. Plastidipped the whole thing. Didn’t want the red. No more chrome accents on the truck!
  3. Not yet. There’s one in the grill that I haven’t figured out how to remove it. Maybe after I get new wheels and tires, I might remove the Z71 badges on the fenders
  4. Took the Trail Boss sticker off the first day i got it. Also removed the Silverado and LT badges off the tail gate
  5. Just installed Rough Country 1.5” level kit for the Trail Boss. Pretty easy to do. I do, however, recommend you use a shop to compress the springs. The ones you can ‘rent’ from auto zone won’t compress them enough
  6. Running stock Trail Boss tires. 275/65/18. No rub whatsoever. Are your tires aftermarket?
  7. I just put on 2” spacers from RC. Loving the new stance. Until this whole pandemic subsides, this is in lieu of new rims and tires. Before and after pics
  8. Put 2” Rough Country wheel spacers on. Just the right amount of ‘poke’ from the wheel wells. Love the new stance!
  9. Silverado and LT badging gone. Someone mentioned fishing line and a 3M wheel for the glue. I used good old dental floss and was able to peel off the glue with my fingers. Super easy to do.
  10. Just plastidipped my exhaust tips. Looks so much better black!
  11. I’m curious to know if I can put wheel spacers on my stock rims and tires, so they stick out a little bit from the wheel well. ’m currently driving a 2020 Trail Boss LT. Any idea ideas on this? With the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m holding off on buying new rims and tires. Thanks in advance!
  12. Want to know where to post my OEM tires and rims for sale. Thanks!

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