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  1. I'm using position 40 for my compressor with a 10 amp fuse and no problems for 2 months so far.
  2. You need to get a micro fuse tap and use position 40
  3. Have a look at this thread. Power Tailgate Removal - 2020 Silverado HD & Sierra HD Mods - GM-Trucks.com I have no problems removing plugs without lowering the spare. Once i got the extra harness as suggested in that thread My info screen has no complaints.
  4. These are in-wheel. The same as the truck itself.
  5. Has anyone had the message "Side Detection Temporarily unavailable". Started about a month ago and dealer can't figure it out.
  6. I bought the long bed and my buddy bought the short bed. I am using a non sliding hitch and my buddy chose a slider. He has been super frustrated that it does not sit right over the axle but could not get help or a straight answer from anyone. First holiday with the truck he slides the hitch and it slid back so far the hitch damaged the tailgate. Long story short at this point I would not recommend a slider hitch unless you absolutely need one. His setup would have been fine without.
  7. You actually do not need a tool at all. Just follow the prompts in the truck and it will learn each sensor just by letting some air out of each tire in the correct order.
  8. Just dealt with this myself I ordered this https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-f-harness-84679989 which is a replacement harness. Just cut all the wires (making sure no wires are touching each other) and problem solved
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