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  1. I thought the 2500 / 3500 use the power steering pump for the Power Brakes Assist (?) or is that something else +- ?
  2. My 2015 SLT seats are NOT very clean (never been cleaned) and get too cold in 15 minutes when set on high (3 lights) ... my truck has 104,000 miles also
  3. FYI - the cooled seats and heated seats are designed to turn on automatically when using Remote start ... so in the software is a chance for mal-function +- Good Luck Try a total re-set by unconnecting your battery for 30 -60 minutes It's free to try LOL
  4. When I had my Seat vibrators replaced on warranty the tech guy never re-plugged in (I assume) the cooler devise and it did not work, and a a 2nd visit they got it right ...
  5. YUP - I'm on board - I trade at 100,000 - 120,000 with ONLY oil /air filter / and tires ...
  6. I hope this works out for you I'd say the AG's office made ALL the difference - I would guess the AG made a phone call (?) They may be trying to do you right at this point ... BUT at this point you are the enemy ! Never underestimate the limits of the enemy ! The delay was standard practice hoping you just would go away or have an accident or something LOL If the new truck is not exactly the same --- I'd just compare MSRP to MSRP - and accept it if you like it BUT refuse to cough up ANY MORE MONEY if it's of higher cost (because of the inconvenience factor) ! or insist on Money Back if it's MSRP is less ! They will always try to beat you some way ! That's what THEY DO LOL ! Good Luck
  7. at the assembly plant as the truck moves along some things don't go well BUT the line continues ... some trucks get low or no fluids some trucks end up with parts missing some trucks have dents scratches rips ... the dealer is supposed to check over the vehicle COMPLETELY, and he's getting paid for it by the Dealer Prep BS Fee BUT the buyer is really the only one to care about the truck and it's condition even the motor itself is really unknown with not even 1 hour run on it so start it up and let it run for awhile, rev it a bit, let it idle, drive it, let it idle, take a ride ... check the trans as well - drive, park, back up, park, drive (repeat many times) use the 4 WD and even the 4 LO WD so when YOU buy ... REALLY CHECK IT OUT BEFORE, and AFTER you buy take it to a private shop and PAY to have all the Fluids checked among other things (or do it yourself) - because the dealer is their to SELL more than make friends andor fix the manufactures issues Do you really think the dealer checks ALL FLUID LEVELS before he gives you your NEW Truck ? I've had new trucks with a dented front fender, No Freon, Low Diff Fluid, no fog lamp bulb, not operating passenger electric window, broken radio amp, an auto trans stuck in 2nd after 50 miles, acid stained aluminum mags &chrome running board steps from the Dealer Prep solution ... Buyer Beware LOL Because once you drive way with your plates on it "IT"S YOURS" (unless you hire a lawyer)
  8. read up ... https://www.plowsite.com/forums/chevy-trucks.6/
  9. Here's my Fisher Minute Mount 2 on my 15 HD - the mounts are very good regarding how they stick out ... actually very tight to the bumper, they are in the position of the tow hooks and the tow hooks remain installed and functional Most like Fisher uses electric only under the hood to run the hydraulic pump that is all on the external plow frame that you take off when not in use ... so your truck will have just 2 electric plugs (hidden if installed right) and the two lower mounts ... in off season Plowing is easy ... slow & aware ... you'll catch on in 1 small snow storm - not much to worry about - truck or plow are top notch strong - your truck warranty will still be in effect My guess - you will not regret having an electric hydraulic plow set up, and preferably at least 8', Fisher is very common in the Northeast
  10. A hypereutectic piston is an internal combustion engine piston cast using a hypereutectic alloy–that is, a metallic alloy which has a composition beyond the eutectic point. Hypereutectic pistons are made of an aluminum alloy which has much more silicon present than is soluble in aluminum at the operating temperature.
  11. As long as it's documented you have a claim if it fails - get it in writing !
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