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  1. my 2015 Sierra 2500 HD 6.0 SLT has it ... works good Is there a way to shut it off on demand ?
  2. I agree - very solid long lasting truck (but it cost some to have that) I buy a NEW SLT every 3-4 years (now my 3rd / 2015) and just oil changes, air filters, and tires for my maintenance - I trade at 100,000 120,000 and get about 1/2 of what I paid - I say thats a Good Deal -- Plus I plow snow and tow a 26' boat Can Hardly wait to by my next 2020 SLT in June or July as the 2021's start arriving ! I have friend with 2500 Fords & Rams BUT the ALL Agree the GMC / Chevy 2500 has the best ride. off topic - also Chevy together with GMC sell more trucks each year than Ford EVERY YEAR for decades - Fake news that Ford is the #1 Truck Sales !
  3. I'd start by inflating them to the MAX listed on the tire sidewall, the ride will be harsh but the tire should wear evenly, (then lower the pressure over time and watch them). If the issue persists then look for other issues +-
  4. In general I find the air flow to the radiator with the plow on is best with the blade lowered very low - like about 4 inches above the pavement on the highway - but in parking lots remember to raise it because the curbs are easy to hit +-
  5. https://www.gmc.com/current-offers?evar36=MRM_eml_EOL_gmc_2m_1118_16190731834#?evar36=MRM_eml_EOL_gmc_2m_1118_16190731834&filterby=all&requestedPostalcode=02492&postalcode=02492&open-panel=sierra:sierra_2500hd
  6. just know if you lower the tire pressures down to like 50 PSI the truck rides so much better but the MPG may drip a bit - no need for over 60 PSI unless your hauling ... I run 45 front & 50 rear which may/may not set off my tire monitors - I still get 70,000 miles out of the Michelin's but the front tires wear a bit more on the outside edges - I rotate them every 10,000 miles +-
  7. There are GREAT deals on 2019 HD's leftovers ! like I have never seen - like over 20% off sticker price - shop around - Great Trucks -
  8. I thought the 2500 / 3500 use the power steering pump for the Power Brakes Assist (?) or is that something else +- ?
  9. My 2015 SLT seats are NOT very clean (never been cleaned) and get too cold in 15 minutes when set on high (3 lights) ... my truck has 104,000 miles also
  10. FYI - the cooled seats and heated seats are designed to turn on automatically when using Remote start ... so in the software is a chance for mal-function +- Good Luck Try a total re-set by unconnecting your battery for 30 -60 minutes It's free to try LOL
  11. When I had my Seat vibrators replaced on warranty the tech guy never re-plugged in (I assume) the cooler devise and it did not work, and a a 2nd visit they got it right ...
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