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  1. my 25HD SLT was fog like from day one and has got worse my former 2011 was CLEAR GM - so lame
  2. 2015 HD SLT Radio Nav Cycles On & Off Yup - my truck started this today. Tomorrow I will try pulling the radio fuse for like 20 minutes - some say that helped. Any Suggestions appreciated Tx
  3. not me ... the deal is they sell it with the odds that they will make money vs you, the odds are in their favor - if you feel unlucky get it - just like going to the casino, the casino most always wins ... beside it's 3 years / 36,000 and no need to buy it when brand new ... why buy coverage now that you won't use for 3/36 - they sell it any time under the 3/36 no questions asked, and if you total the truck you lose for sure ... just sayin
  4. 1" drop is nearly Nothing compared to the trucks of 20 years ago - I think the factory set up works perfect with only 1" drop with a raised blade, you and I are thinking the same
  5. Used Chevy Silverados and Used GMC Sierras Leap In Value iSeeCars researchers analyzed over 1.2 million used car sales in October 2020. The analysis revealed that used car prices had an average increase of 9.5 percent or $2,193 compared to the previous year. Typically, used car values decline. The Silverado had an average used price in October 2019 of $34,245. This October that average had risen by nearly $5,000. The Sierra’s gains were even larger. In 2019 the average price of a used Sierra was $38,750. this past month the average showed an increase of about $6,400. https://www.gm-trucks.com/used-chevy-silverados-and-used-gmc-sierras-leap-in-value/
  6. https://bakflip.com/p/bakflip-mx4-tonneau-cover/?kpid=go_cmp-9948222619_adg-105964524372_ad-481160790413_kwd-194965315989_dev-c_ext-_prd-&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=2 - BAK Product Lines&utm_term=bakflip mx4&gclid=Cj0KCQiAqo3-BRDoARIsAE5vnaLZrSKcTRHCdpDGqBtTASQ8erFTEVTeT2IJ8yCDz3t76sCiYnP1ZWAaApaGEALw_wcB
  7. LOL I drive on the curbs to get into many places, it's that or like a 3-5 point turn - the tall side wall tires protect the rim/mag from damage - so far Makes sense that the longer the truck the worse it turns - the ancient 2002 +- ? with 4 wheel steer were very popular for that reason +-
  8. 1st off the HD's are NOT discounted like the 1500's as you probably know ... Seems to me the the the Massachusetts Dealerships have some type of illegal monopoly - they are always higher priced than other US regional areas and stick together pricewise in one way or another. I've bought 3 new Sierra 2500 HD SLT's from Quirk Manchester NH (04, 11, & 15) and after hours of negotiations struggled to get about 14% off MSRP, and a similar deal was all I could get from others as well +- They used to have a large selection of HD's and next lot over is Quirk Chevy to check out as well (actually the same location). Both dealerships are like Brand New and mostly easy going. Now today there is a shortage of 2020 HD's left and they are offering nearly no MSRP discount except for the Manufacturers $2000 - $4000 rebate +- Quirk is not a ripoff but they tend to offer about $1000-$2000 less on the Trade Book value. I may buy at Banks, Concord NH next time, they have Large Selection like Quirk NH and many have said it was much better than "Mass Dealers", & similar to deals at Quirk NH. Post what you find - I'm shopping too
  9. I would bet strength wise they are equal the newer versions offering AUTO are nice as stated for general driving in varying conditions with no front tires fighting each other on tight turns with somewhat snowy / less snowy roads, and having the option of full 4WD for constant snow plowing ... I've had 3 HD's 2004/2011/2015 all with electric shift (all bought new & used by me for over 100,000 miles) and have never had a failure I believe in AUTO mode the truck is just rear wheel drive and as rear slippage is sensed the fronts smoothly engage as needed - thats how my 2007 Avalanche worked - I liked it 30 years ago I'd say there were issues with the Electric, but now all mine have been flawless some general info I found https://tnttransfercase.com/general-motors-transfer-cases/
  10. My 2015 HD 25 SLT has the same crack on the Drivers bottom seat SIDE toward the rear - it showed up at about 70,000 miles and grows a bit more each year - is about 2" long now with 125,000 miles - I'm the only driver and weigh 170 lbs - obvious defeat by GM I've tried High Performance Kevlar Tape but it eventually unsticks I have some glue made to FUSE plastic tarps permanently together, I may try that if I find some Black Seat Plastic or something in my travels +-
  11. Used Chevy Silverados and Used GMC Sierras Leap In Value https://www.gm-trucks.com/used-chevy-silverados-and-used-gmc-sierras-leap-in-value/
  12. The roof beacon wire is above the head liner on the drivers side, it comes up the drivers side A pillar ... Camper Harness behind the back seat (?) People on here know the specifics +- Not sure why you got no factual answers ...
  13. Wiper Tech def better than years ago ... I usually scrape the dead bugs off my windshield with a single edge razor like every week - amazing how bug inner parts stuff is like super glue on glass - could use it to re-glue the rear view mirror on +- lol
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