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  1. I bought an after market 1 piece Heated seat cushion (Bottom & Back) for $35 bucks +- / fits great with straps and hooks with 3 temps settings , auto off, and runs on my powerpoint cigar outlet, just 3 amp draw - from SOJOY makes it Actually works better then OEM, until I get the refit https://www.sojoyusa.com/shop/ https://www.sojoyusa.com/product/sojoy-12v-heated-car-seat-cushion-sj120r009t-2/
  2. Hmm - I'll forever think of that when I see a "Pretty Gal" driving a GMC (I have a very selective memory)
  3. Does anyone REALLY KNOW ? https://thehonestmechaniccolorado.com › what-does-slt-... The term SLT used in the GMC trucks is an acronym for “Standard Luxury Touring.” The main reason the company decided to set up a Standard Luxury Touring option ... https://vehiclefreak.com › what-does-slt-mean-on-a-truck Jul 27, 2022 — SLT stands for Special Luxury Touring. https://thedriveradviser.com › Buyer Questions Sep 6, 2021 — SLT stands for Special Luxury Trim and is a trim level used on GMC trucks, https://thehonestmechaniccolorado.com › what-does-slt-... The term SLT used in the GMC trucks is an acronym for “Standard Luxury Touring.” from off the forums : SLT means superior leather trim i think SLT means Super Luxury Edition
  4. How is it RIGHT to sell the NEW trucks with the parts MY 3 month old truck is missing ? You would think they would want to keep my loyalty solid by correcting the truck already on the road ? Some Lawyer needs to make a killing on a Class Action Law Suit - some of these parts are related to safety +-
  5. Here's my 22 SLT with my home made filler ... on the Fisher Push Plates
  6. I added a Steel Filler to my Push Plates - looks better (to me anyway) Galvanized Steel Painted Black with 2 really SNUG Rubber Chair Leg Feet Slip Ons to secure and remove as needed
  7. My 15 25HD had similar mirrors as my 22 Best to LOOK 2 or 3 times whereas they BLOCK a lot of the view. Many times I almost caused accidents but lucked out ... I like the highway use view, but in town is darn right dangerous at times Even pedestrians are at risk as well
  8. THX Found It 2022 Manual Page 230 LOL Just 5 minutes active ACC/ACCESSORY (Amber Indicator Light) : This mode allows some electrical accessories to be used when the engine is off. With the ignition off, pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button one time without the brake pedal applied will place the ignition system in ACC/ACCESSORY. The ignition will switch from ACC/ ACCESSORY to off after five minutes to prevent battery rundown.
  9. I've look thru the owner manual and found ZIP regarding this - was this discovered by trial & error ?
  10. Or do you have to start the truck then shut it off and it will retain power for the programed 10 minutes time ?
  11. X31 Off-Road Package Off-Road suspension Hill Descent Control Skid plates
  12. my 22 Gas SLT just had the Fisher MM2 3 wire Truck Side Plow Harness installed without any issue -- and my truck does NOT have Plow Prep, it came with Optional Camper Upgrade with HD Front Suspension, with Optional 220 Amp Alt & Optional X31 with the Skid Plates - so I was just missing the Fire Wall knock out - my amber roof lights are there as well, no double battery on this one All Features Included With X31 Off-Road Package: Off-Road suspension Hill Descent Control Skid plates Twin-tube Rancho shocks X31 hard badge
  13. My truck was built in April and delivered in August - (lost & found lol) Very Tight and 100% perfect ! and I didn't have the Onstar $1500 added on the MSRP !
  14. QR Code / RPO Code Deciphering 1st you have to SCAN the QR Code on the Drivers Door Jam and convert it to English (kind sorta lol) I used both these 2 links to read ALL my RPO Codes https://manualzz.com/doc/28236227/rpo-codes-and-descriptions http://www.rpocodes.com/GM-RPO-codes/gmrpocodes0through4.html and here is the online Owners Manual (2022) https://cdn.dealereprocess.org/cdn/servicemanuals/gmc/2022-sierra2500hd.pdf
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