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  1. i did some searching, but only came up with clunking. At slow acceleration from a stopped position, i get a groaning noise both in forward and reverse. i have found a few online references, but nothing conclusive for a fix. Anyone found anything on this?
  2. for what its worth. Ive had blackbear tunes for a few years. On my last tahoe I had the airraid setup and an aggressive tune. Sounded great. Performed very well. I just got a 17 sierra denali about a month ago. Moved just fine. But I wanted a bit more. And planning on holding off on a tune until fall at least. Blackbear showed the AFE yielded the most gain. And didn't require a tune. Based on my experience with them I was sold. Install was simple. And yes. It feels different. It does seem to like the increased flow. From about 20% throttle on you feel it. It definitely sounds more aggressive. More than I expected. Its got a bit of a growl when in v4. But I dont see a way around it. But my vote is worth the price of admission. According to BB dyno test. Decent cost for return. Getting power from a gasser is never cheap.
  3. There are some " mods" that overall add to how much you will enjoy your ride. And a big factor is how much time you spend in it. I just sold a heavily modded 04 tahoe when I bought my current denali. I didnt get near what I had in it. But I enjoyed driving it. For the denali, I bought it close to what I had in mind anyways. A tune. Get rid if some chrome and thats it. I would love to put on a whipple. But ghats more than I can stomach.
  4. I bought my truck with the Weather Tech Alloy Cover. it is probably more expensive than i would have paid myself, but works pretty well. Its secure, and lets in very little water. the only downside so far is if i wanted the full bed open, which i have not needed. it folds on itself in panels, so even when fully open, still have the panels stacked closest to the rear window.
  5. I ordered some touch up paint for a few spots. Ill have to wet sand a few scratches. The whole truck needs a good polish. All in all I'm very happy. Still getting used to the shifting though.
  6. Thanks. Im going to get used to it as is so I can decide what I want to do. Also, guessing the tune could be seen as a warranty issue?
  7. so I spent some time on here and other forums prior to pulling the trigger on a 17 denali 1500 a few weeks back. Bought it with 45k on the odo. Has just about everything I was planning on anyways. Has wheels and tires. Tint. Bed cover. Weather guard mats. And in good shape. Couple things I'm noticing and would be curious for input. - its leveled. And has some beefy tires. Ill get the size tomorrow. At close to full left lock I get a little clunk. Can't tell if its a rub or if something is loose. Are these trucks prone to hubs or tierods going this early? - did they eliminate the fold down rear cupholders by putting them in the rear armrest? And can you add rear seat heat? - I have a couple scratches that are light and in the clearcoat. Its the white pearl. Has anyone done their own wetsand and buff on white? Any tips. - lastly fuel. I have the 6.2 and run premium. I love how it rips with my foot in it. But it drinks allot. I plan on a blackbear tune at some point since I have an Autocal already. So instead of economy, is there a way to go with a bigger tank? I have the short bed. Is the 6.5 tank the same?
  8. I do not have a 6.2, but currently shopping for one. And plan on making a move in the next couple of days. I have the 5.3 in my Tahoe, and bought the autocal from BlackBear and could not be happier. In addition to a great tune, they have lifetime tunes for as long as you own it. if you do further mods, they will adjust, if you change tire size, they will adjust your speedo. All through email. I need to do some research to see if tuning will void whatever warranty balance i have left when i buy, otherwise it will be tuned by BlackBear within days of buying.
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