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  1. I also understand how full means 3-5 gallons coming off full mark and having a reserve of 5-7 gallons for emergencies- but when my needle just comes off full and I put 11 gallons in it, something is not right
  2. my 14 and 17 1500 trucks were actually pretty good. I always have understood fuel gauges are flaky, but have figured them out for each of my trucks. neighbor down my road has gmc and he keeps looking at fuel mileage left vs looking at fuel gauge because it's so bad
  3. just looking to see if i'm the only one with a terrible reading fuel gauge. I've had it at half and can only put 10-11 gallons in it and I've had it at 3/4(or slightly above) and put 21 gallons in it. 1700 miles on truck. before I complain about it, figured I'd ask here. I checked in my service manual for bulletins and din't see anything- can be confusing to hunt down something like this being a parts guy
  4. 84056018 is the receptacle in the box
  5. it's a complete lamp and the screws are inside behind headliner
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