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  1. @pgamboa has a plug and play harness, you'd just have to find a set of SLT/AT4/Denali headlights and tail lights to do the switch.
  2. No, but I checked the setting and toggled it on and back to off. It's still doing it as of today.
  3. Recently acquired a used 2019 GMC Sierra SLT. Upon disabling the Remote Left in Vehicle Alert setting, the truck still beeps the three horn honks with the fob on me (while still in the vehicle) and one of the doors opened and closed. Any pointers? Would I need to get it updated at the dealer? The radio updated via OTA today.
  4. Still no fixes other than the patch jobs from the dealership or DIY? This worries me; ordered my 2021 Sierra Elevation on the 15th...
  5. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has changed out their front sidemarkers in their 2016-2018 Silverado 1500. Can’t find the access point for it, although I haven’t removed the headlight assemblies to look. Is it not just a standalone socket like the turn signal where you can just turn and pull it out? Thanks.
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