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  1. Update on my situation regarding this issue: LIFTERS. The initial codes I experienced before the "Service 4WD" code came up were just lifters failing. Explains the clunk and slight burning smell I experienced at the time. Funny how it corrected itself for a week. Thankfully still under power train warranty (90, 692 KM). Not sure if they're replacing both sides or just the malfunctioning side. Pretty disappointed, but I guess that's what I get for buying a 2019 and used.
  2. Had the "Service 4WD" pop up today on my way home from work. It's currently around -36 Degrees Celsius here in Alberta, but I'm not sure it's weather related. Shut the truck off and 8 hours later, the 4WD light on the dash stayed orange and the parking brake kept automatically engaging in Park and wouldn't disengage unless I pressed the throttle out of Park. The truck was drivable and wouldn't switch to 4AUTO or 4HI but eventually did, staying orange. Going onto a merging road, the light cleared itself and turned back to white going around 60 km/h and hasn't returned. Taking it to the dealership tomorrow though, as last week I had the "Service ESC" and "Service Parking Brake" with the blinking CEL issue (which also cleared on it's own overnight). Will update.
  3. Had a Borla XR-1 (round) muffler put on my old 2017 Silverado. Sounded decent. Borla part number was 40085.
  4. Agreed. I do prefer those wheels you pictured (and luckily my Sierra came with them) and did not want to deal with going aftermarket. Just wish the OEM wheels weren't so damn expensive, as it's hard to find a nice set of aftermarket 18s (or even 17s) that don't look all "spokey" or "bolty" all around the wheel edge.
  5. Has anyone else used the AMSOIL OE ATF over the Signature Series in their 8 Speed? Any issues? Looking to get a flush done soon and want to make sure the fluid is compatible. I'd rather not shell out $300 CAD for the signature series when the OE will do. Thanks.
  6. How many bottles do you recommend to get for the flush? Needing to get this done as well.
  7. Agreed. I find the fog light on the passenger side isn't wide enough of an angle to light the shoulder.
  8. Low quality LED bulbs. You'd need to find a different set (different brand), but I'd look into getting a retrofit to eliminate any issues altogether. LED bulbs in halogen housings never turn out great.
  9. Bought a used (CPO) 2019 Sierra 1500 SLT in September. Three days later, washed it and noticed the crack and leak in the slider frame and the upper corner of the driver's side. Got ahold of my sales guy and got the run around for a month (honestly think it was just to pass the 30 day money back guarantee) on whether or not it was being covered by the dealership. I stopped by prior to this and wanted to see what the service department would say. They ended up charging me for a leak test that obviously did not need to be performed... It all ended up being sorted out on the 1st of November; dealership confirmed they would be covering it and ordered the new window (part # 84944319) the week prior. 50% good will of the dealer, 50% from GM and they refunded me for the leak test. A headache of an experience, especially after trading in my old Silverado WT into a nicer truck with a fairly major body issue. Let's hope this new window design stays dry and crack-free. Props to the sales department; they were the only ones who actually got the ball rolling. Judging by the photos of the refresh, they finally redesigned the rear windshield. Hope the new owners won't have to deal with this!
  10. @pgamboa has a plug and play harness, you'd just have to find a set of SLT/AT4/Denali headlights and tail lights to do the switch.
  11. No, but I checked the setting and toggled it on and back to off. It's still doing it as of today.
  12. Recently acquired a used 2019 GMC Sierra SLT. Upon disabling the Remote Left in Vehicle Alert setting, the truck still beeps the three horn honks with the fob on me (while still in the vehicle) and one of the doors opened and closed. Any pointers? Would I need to get it updated at the dealer? The radio updated via OTA today.
  13. Still no fixes other than the patch jobs from the dealership or DIY? This worries me; ordered my 2021 Sierra Elevation on the 15th...
  14. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has changed out their front sidemarkers in their 2016-2018 Silverado 1500. Can’t find the access point for it, although I haven’t removed the headlight assemblies to look. Is it not just a standalone socket like the turn signal where you can just turn and pull it out? Thanks.
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