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  1. It's not heavy, it's not big, but I own it, and I tow it.
  2. I've never had an independent front 4x4, so I never gave a lot of thought to the way steering is affected through travel at a range out side design. I haven't seen a lot of requirement for recalibration on the higher lifts. I would think this is because the control arms in higher lift kits correct the angle. Is it angle or added torque from the longer "lever arm" that it corrects for? If its angle, then how does the electric steering do under more extreme articulation? What does the calibration correct? Just the baseline angle sensors so the comp doesn't read turning input
  3. For everyone who got a lift which did not include a calibration, how do you find the steering to be affected?
  4. What is the electronic steering calibration GM says we need? Does it vary on tire size?
  5. We almost ordered one for the RST. I wouldn't now, though, until I understand why one sits so high and why they leak. I can have neither the wind noise nor the water.
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