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  1. Sorry for the late reply, the only info on the thread sizes is in the responses above. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  2. Got them directly from Thorley in CA. Direct bolt on, but they had the wrong version listed that they sent me. I did some research and found the exhaust manifold part numbers for several years were all the same, so I ordered the headers that they said would not fit, and they fit, informed them and they changed their catalog. No dyno. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  3. I had the same problem with the long tube headers so I went with the Doug Thorley short tube version. They use thicker tubing and they ceramic coat both the inside and outside of the headers. I've had zero issues with them and they give me a nice torque and hp boost in the midrange where I spend most of my time when towing. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  4. I'm running a 2017 silverado 2500 HD, 6.0 gas and I pull a 14,000# toy hauler. My Silverado has shortie headers and free flowing exhaust, cold air intake and a Black Bear tune. I used to use a slider hitch but switched to a Curt goose neck hitch and the Anderson. I love that hitch setup as I've used it twice this summer once on a 800 mile trip and once on a 1000 mile trip 2 weeks ago. So easy to put in and take out of the truck and easy to hookup. I live at 300' elevation and camp at 8000 to 9000 elevation so I have to pull some long steep hills and the 6 liter does pretty good. It will be get
  5. No, mine has some clearance, I had just hooked up, don't tow it that way. I use an Anderson hitch, just recently switched from a slider, so the trailer sits about 8" further back. Really like the Anderson, the part you have to put in and take out only weighs 35# so it's really easy. I run a camper shell when not in tow mode. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  6. Here's a Pic of my setup Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  7. I pull a 34.5 foot toyhauler with 2 Atv's in it, 160 gallons of water, 45 gal. if gas. Tops out at 14,000 lbs. My Silverado 2500hd 6.0 gas pulls it well. I currently have Doug Thorley shortie headers that are ceramic coated on the inside and the outside to keep the heat in, Afe cold air intake, and a free flowing exhaust,along with the 4.10 gears and a Blackbear tune. She runs well but to help I kept my tires a little smaller to not lose my gears, running 275/75/18 tires that measure out at 32 diameter. I do have a Magnuson 2300 supercharger on order just waiting for Blackbear to ship it. Th
  8. I like the tune from Black Bear, much more responsive, a little better gas mileage and more power. With most other aftermarket tuners you have to switch tunes to tow from the performance or mileage tune but the Blackbear tune is one tune for everything. I know that means there are a few compromises to accommodate that but I like the install it and forget it application. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  9. I made my own hose kit using a local agriculture /hot rod hydraulic shop here in Yuma, only cost me $70 for the fittings and 15' of reinforced heat rated AN - 6 hose. I also thought about using an aftermarket cooler but they are more expensive and don't fit the spot for mounting where they get the most air flow. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  10. Found the source .. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1499/6976/products/2500GM6.0LTruckHeader_800x.png?v=1589227515 Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  11. I saw an advertisement for long tubes for the late model silverado a day or two ago, American Racing maybe? They were expensive but included the y-pipe and cats if you want them. I'll see if I can find it. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  12. It pulls the toy hauler fairly well, but my 6.0 has shortie headers, 3.5 to 4" magnaflow exhaust, cold air intake and a performance tune by Blackbear performance. On some of the really large hills it will drop into second gear and maintain 52 - 53 mph. The hills going into Payson and from Payson to the top of the rim are the worst. I have a Magnuson supercharger on the way that will add around 120 hp and torque. Mileage runs around 7 or 8 on flat ground running 65 - 67 mph. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  13. Fuel Podiums,18”x9”, gun metal grey centers, black outer. These have a higher than normal load rating, I believe it is 3600# per wheel so they are great for heavy towing use. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. The diesel cooler is available online and on ebay for around $150 to $160. The diesel cooler fittings are 20mm setrab fittings and I could not find any thing that stepped it down to the smaller size other than going to - AN fittings. I found a 20mm male with a - 6 AN female and then a transmission line kit with the proper fittings for that. The online hose kit goes for about $160-$175 and includes the transmission fitting. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  15. Yup, the 6.0 gas engine is paired with the 6L90E six speed transmission and the diesel uses the Allison 1000 six speed. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  16. After a long trip that included some very long steep grades in June pulling the new 14000# toy hauler with my 2017 Silverado 2500 HD 6.0 gas and seeing the trans temp reaching 228, I decided to upgrade the trans cooler. I did a lot of research and found that the stock Silverado Allison trans cooler is larger than the stock Silverado 6.0 gas trans cooler but will fit in the same location and only take up the same space. How can that be? You say? The stock gas trans cooler has a large empty space built into the mount and the Allison fills that space with more cooler tubes. The only issue is that
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