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  1. Anyone get the carbon black ones? Can you post pics? Plz
  2. Yes. I use Rock tamers with there heat shields each side no issues with the 3.0 diesel.
  3. I installed a Access Vanish roll up on my carbon pro. I had to drill 12 holes just through the bed edge cover. The tonneau came with a drill guide that clipped in to the hole be hind the edge cover. Easy install. There's a utube video. Hope this helps.
  4. Are they easy to remove? I think hydro dipping them a black chrome like the carbon pro grills would look awesome.
  5. Will that ebay set fit a 20 carbon pro sierra?
  6. I can even get mine to turn on? The harness behind bumper was half unplugged. Plugged back in. Still wont turn. Any ideas?
  7. I have a 20 sierra with this same code. Had 4 miles on it. Didnt even leave the lot. 3 times now in 350miles. Was told to use my parking brake, when turning off truck.
  8. 350 miles and the 3rd time the CEL has come on. Code P25A2 is what onstar is saying. Just had the reprogramming for the brake module. Anyone solve this problem?
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