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  1. Its cause you have a 3.08 gear that you are limited to 6300. If you dig around on some forums there are lots of guys who tow just over that but complain that they have issues in mountains. Im sure GM put the 6300 tow rating with 3.08 gears for liability reasons and to avoid warranty repairs on rear ends and transmissions. Id do the free trans thermostat pill flip mod if you plan to tow a lot.
  2. Thanks newdude, injectors are 12268390 from what ive searched, VIN: C
  3. 2015 Yukon, 5.3, cant find any info on those pipes on any of the GM websites
  4. Any idea where I could find part numbers for the 5.3l? Im pretty sure its all the same for the fuel lines and intake mani gaskets but I want to be sure before ordering.
  5. Did you need to replace the intake manifold gaskets or did you re-use them?
  6. I couldn't since he refunded me but anyone who now searches google will see this thread
  7. There are better places than the dealer, Rock Auto for one. Advance Auto had OEM plugs in stock and after their coupon it was $58. I threatened the ebay seller of the fake plugs and he immediately refunded me, he didn't even want his plugs back
  8. I don’t know if this has been mentioned but I acquired some “AC Delco” spark plugs off eBay for $38, once I had them I compared them to the current OEM plugs and noticed a lot of differences. I noticed Amazon has the same looking plugs, I know between Amazon and EBay there are 1000’s of sets sold so I would check yours. I did not take a pic of the top of the plug but the AC Delcos will have a marking on them (2 dots and a line under them). There is no way the counterfeits perform as well as OEM, fake is on the right and youll see a lot of differences, mainly the shorter electrode and the missing of the “puck” on the bottom like the originals do
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