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  1. I put one in the same place on my AT4, those circular metal pieces that are attached to the bumper ended up working perfectly. Upside of the AT4 is that you can just pop the top part of the grill off and stick your hand through the slots to position the bar. I never took the whole thing off.
  2. Perhaps a better investment would be a garage or a house in a ZIP code that doesn't regularly see fuel thieves? I have never met anyone with a locking gas door before. This seems silly.
  3. Looks like these are finally available. Would love to know how the mounting setup works.
  4. I have no interest in performing a DPF delete, the poster above made it seem like a DPF-back was providing a change in sound which - for the third time - seems incredibly unlikely.
  5. You clearly don't know what you're talking about. DPF has completely change the landscape from an exhaust standpoint. Hence my interest in substantiating any claims for sound improvements or noise level.
  6. Yeah, that's why I want a video since the poster claimed the sound was "great". I am skeptical until proven otherwise.
  7. Do you have a video of the exhaust? I’d like to hear it, been looking around for some options.
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