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  1. Unless you have a 2500, the only options I've been able to find are transfer tanks. Subbing to the thread, hopefully someone has found something. Gas 6.2 here and would love a larger fuel tank.
  2. I second this, your truck should pick up the sensors automatically. Definitely easy to break if not careful.
  3. Thanks for sharing, been curious about this myself. I'll be pulling the trigger soon also.
  4. One additional consideration is if they are cross compatible. If you move or don't have the Krown place available, I believe more shops support the FF.
  5. Curious also, I almost pulled the trigger on the Fluid Film and have been doing research for a while. I will likely will go for the CRC myself based on the Project farm (YouTube) video on coatings. Subbed for info. The second link has a guy that does a post 1 year evaluation on FF and has some good information. Seems like Fluid Film does dry off and becomes easier to work with but don't have first hand experience myself. Hope this helps and good luck with your search.
  6. Love this, I had to trade in my 4Runner for work reasons and miss the simplicity of my OL rig. I have a trailer but sometimes I just want to pack up and go with a light foot print without all the hassle of finding a site, hook-ups, reservations, etc etc. I've found bars to support the RTT but will need to swap out the toolbox for something with a lower profile to make it work. Thought about the Decked system but open to ideas. Subbed for future ideas.
  7. I have the Du-ha also. GMC/Chevy makes an OEM one, seemed to be the two most popular when I was looking. I have an extra one I'm selling if you're close to DFW.
  8. I apologize, I didn't mean to mislead anyone. Inventory in the DFW area seems to be short and I work closely with a GM and Toyota dealership. Definitely a case by case situation and have been seeing stories about dealer markups and people selling used vehicles for more than new. Good luck with your search, looks like you have a lot of good insight here.
  9. I believe it's nationwide at this point. Many have posted that they are selling their trucks for more than what they paid new. Hate to speculate but I fear it will get worse before it gets better.
  10. I assume you're talking about running boards when you say steps. If so, a better way would be to measure the overall diameter of the wheel (or rim) +tire. When you say 18" or 22", you are referring only to the rims and are not accounting for the tires. Generally larger wheels have skinnier tires and vice versa so that the overall size remains roughly the same. Unless you go aftermarket wheels and tires, overall tire size from factory will not make much of a difference. You also mentioned a new truck. If you're considering a new truck overall, there are many more factors
  11. I've had a similar experience like Robby, good response and too many horror stories with the AFM to not hedge that bet. However, my experience with MPG is quite opposite and mine has gone down. I have the 6.2 with 10sp and it has made my day to day driving much more enjoyable. I do a lot of city driving and likely have a heavier foot than most. I don't use race mode on mine but keep the Pulsar at level 3. For me the Range was fine but would have had to combine it with the in-dash auto start/stop disabler and Pedal Commander. I pulled them out and replaced with the Pulsar. Individually, th
  12. I had Kings on my previous vehicle, a 4runner 5th gen. Loved them, worth every penny. Ran them with Icon delta joint UCAs, eventually replaced them with JBA UCAs (similar to Cognito's design). Didn't have the tools to replace the pressed in joints and would cost a couple hours of labor to get them rebuilt on top of the parts that needed replacing, about $400-500 total to rebuild. I rebuilt them once and sold them as a carcass when they needed a second. Sucked because I take pride in doing most of my mods myself but didn't make sense for me at the time. Older (and wiser?) me likes t
  13. Pics as promised. I think the 2nd and 3rd photo do it better justice but the pics don't show enough detail to be helpful. Kind of a satin finish up close. This is the Shadow Black kit.
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