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  1. Doozer- The truck looks awesome man. Really like how that white turned out. I got my suspension/wheels and tires done. Gonna do my chrome delete next week (black truck/black vinyl).
  2. Based on my previous experiences with them, I would say that there definitely has been improvements with these Bilsteins compared to past options. I lucked out and had a chance this time around to try both the Fox and 5160’s with the new truck and I went with the Bilsteins. Both ride great, so there really isn’t a bad choice. But to me, the 5160’s had the slight edge.
  3. I went with the Bilstein Resi B8 5160. They make a huge difference over the OEM Rancho and the ride is perfect.
  4. Hey Doozer- did you have a chance to get your wheels and tires installed on your rig yet?
  5. If you would have said to me a month ago, that it would be this hard to find a set of wheels, I would have called you a liar. LOL. I would never buy anything other than a GM truck, but I do wish they had the clearance like the Super Duty Ford has. I did talk to custom offsets today and the 285/65 will fit on “0” offset wheels. The 295/65 will fit on the positive offset rims, but at 0 they stated it will be “extremely close”. This was on a set of 20’s. Let me know what you find out during your research and I will do the same.
  6. Cdh7917/bass mechanic/FirstAscent- thanks for the info your guys posted. With all the research you guys have done on this topic, do you think I would run into a fitment issue on a 0 or +1 offset with a 295/65/20 and a leveling kit with new UCA’s upfront? I am trying to avoid any trimming if at all possible. Thanks!
  7. I would be interested in what you find out as well, doozer. Most post and suggestions I have seen have said stick with a 0 to 18 offset on these trucks even with a leveling kit.
  8. I leveled my 2020 3500 and it rides like a dream. Like gSwift said, the key to the ride quality is changing the UCA’s as well. I went with McGaughy’s, but also considered the Cognito kit. Both have UCA options.
  9. Did you try the Fresno dealership, Kylant? The parts guy did say to me that supposedly, GM was trying to get them back for 2021 builds since they will be offered as a standard option... Now, I don’t know how true that actually is, but all of the sudden they have ALL disappeared and are impossible to find.
  10. Kylant- Thanks! That’s the pic before the kit and here is one after. The kit is advertised as 2”, but the shop who did mine, dialed it in to make sure the front wasn’t higher than the back. I also replaced my control arms with McGaughy’s. Believe it or not, it drives much better now.
  11. The kit was put on already, but they did a good of of making sure it was level...
  12. The good part is, is that the shop that installed my McGaughy’s kit did a great job of making the sure the front wasn’t higher than the rear (thank god)... here it is after the kit
  13. cdh7917- do you think your set-up wouldn’t rub if you had a leveling kit and new UCA’s???
  14. CRApex- do you think the 295’s would fit with a leveling kit on a 20 x 9 with a positive offset?
  15. Pic of the new rig...3500 Denali HD Duramax. I absolutely love this thing and has been my preferred driver since the day I got it. Can’t wait to start doing the mods on it. I already put a McGaughy’s Leveling Kit and new control arms on it...now looking for new wheels and shocks!
  16. That’s a steal at 495.00. I will say, that they did honor the 15% off coupon that GM was offering to owners on the accessories page.
  17. Kylant- it was Fresno GMC. Parts is closed on the weekends, but the number is ‭(559) 431-2020‬
  18. Your rig looks great! Is it 20x9 or 20x10? I have a leveling kit on mine, but still worried about the rub on a 35...
  19. I just got my Onyx Black fender flares for my 3500 and installed this past week (I ordered them back at the end of July). Looks super sweet! I passed through Fresno last week and the dealer there had two sets of flares on display (I don’t recall the colors - one was definitely white), but they are willing to sell them off the wall.
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