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  1. Whats the fix on the shaft? Anyone work at a dealership and had both shafts side by side to identify the differences or improvements?
  2. I took matters into my own hands today and took it apart myself and made a video. I added grease to the intermediate shaft to fill in the slop on the 2 pieces now my steering is smooth like it supposed to be I know this wont last forever but its gotta last more than 2000 miles or until GM comes up with a fix.
  3. Well here we are another 2000 miles since the dealer replaced the intermediate shaft and the looseness is back in the steering. the new intermediate shaft that they install seems to last about 2000 miles before some part wears enough to cause the slop in the steering. Wondering if this will justify for a buyback/ lemon program after 3 or 4 trips to the dealer or not??
  4. take it back to the dealer and request a senior technician to check it out not just the next technician in the queue. Its all what technician gets the ticket is to whether they find anything wrong or not. Some techs are lazy and dont care because the warranty work may not pay but half a hour labor and its a pain to change out. or they may be unexperienced etc.. When I worked as a tech as GMC dealer it was literally like drawing straws at to which vehicle I would be working on next. But if you explain that you brought it in before and they didnt find anything that you want a senior tech to check your vehicle out usually they will get their top guy on the job.
  5. Picked my truck up on Friday after the dealership replaced upper intermediate shaft. It seems to have fixed the problem. Time will tell if it comes back in a few months or a few thousand miles. Will update if the problem comes back again.
  6. Just put mine in the shop October 12th same issue. The tech ordered a upper intermediate shaft for replacement. at 2700 miles. 2020 2500 AT4. Said part will be in 3 to 4 days. Waiting to see will update when new information is available. Just wanted to add my truck and presence to this issue as well. Truck was manufactured July 2020 as well.
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