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  1. Offline google maps work best for me. I download the maps rather i need to be offline or not . it seems to work faster and use less phone battery and Data.
  2. I believe its Stealerships in the Cities.. Check pricing on the same truck at other dealerships out away from the City. Its what i had to do to find the Truck i wanted. Not the Truck they wanted me to buy..
  3. OHH.. Awesome ideal.. Its not a Full dump But We have a Tilt Bed Trailer. Sheet of plywood on pvc pipe with materials in a tarp it comes out quite easily .
  4. i had 48 12 foot sheets of 1/2 inch drywall in my Truck wed last week. the week before the tile shop loaded a skid of tile in it with fork lift. and Monday Last week 260 2x4x10 foot... Yes a truck is to haul things .. But Dirt in my Truck bed EWWWW .. that is gross .. ohh i have a 8 foot 2 inch bed ..
  5. May I please Borrow your Buffer. There is a BIG Dent on my Vans Side back door. Stupid Bank Drive thru made for fiats Poor Truck Very sad to see this happen, On the bright side its all Replaceable parts and looks like no Body or paint work Required.
  6. One thing to be VERY Careful with. If the yard is gravel or sand , gravel Soil Mix like here.. Watch the Tires VERY Carefully while they are loading it. The tires will sink into the ground and you will not realize how much weight is there until you pull up on the Pavement. I have overloaded my Trailer and Van like this a few times. The Van is 1 ton HD Express (stupid heavy duty) and trailer rated for 8 . Good Luck.
  7. Dealer where i bought mine Called me twice asking if I wanted to sell it for a profit.. I Turned them down because I have to have a truck. I tried to find a decent used one when I bought the one i have.. Not going thru that again.. And to think my Truck is WT Thou well equipped . Not even a high end Truck .
  8. My Truck has not had the recall yet. but i did pull the Drivers seat out to install seat risers under it.. Yeah I am short . Do not laugh. MY Truck has Vinyl floors and they are not cut.. Ask the Dealership to see another truck on the lot to show you they are all done that way... Good Luck ..
  9. ahh 6 foot 6 bed is far from a long box.. In my world that is a SUV With a open trunk. Totally useless for my line of work.. Not picking but its funny .
  10. how many miles do you have on the truck? Have you loaned it to anyone recently.. Mine will change its shift patterns sometimes then it seems to relearn and shift better . I know unless i drive it aggressively it will be in 5-6 gear at 34-40 mph and it upshifts perfectly. sometimes down shifts in traffic can be a bit clunky thou. if its new or close to new . give it a bit to adjust to your driving maybe
  11. On my 2020 different but similar cover. I had to put some foam rubber strips into the corners as they cover does not seem to lay totally flat. You could see light.. I had the stuff. its just 3m tape on one side and like 1/2 inch thick. most box store in there door seals and threshold area will have a similar product that will work.. Good Luck
  12. I have a 2020 Bought back in Aug of last year. But i only have 3700 miles on it . I Still Driving my 04 and will run it until it totally dies. I can only hope this truck will last half as long as the 04 EXPRESS 3500 HD has and still in great shape. Its a TANK . Many people come on here when they have issues about there truck , You rarely see the higher mileage happy owners. They do not think about forums or talking about something that just never lets them down... I think the trucks are reliable and will last.. No they are not built as well any a o3 o4 truck.
  13. I will look in the paperwork in the truck. that GM Envelope where everything from the sale is at and see if there is anything in there . I Do however know my Truck is Strangely equipped from this dealership then the ones i could find locally. I got the Truck from Salem Indiana. (way out in the middle of no place i would live land) its WT , it has Power everything .Trailering package, all chrome bumpers and aluminum wheels .Its the only one i could find with power windows ,doors and Mirrors, Keyless entry and HAVE VINYL Seats. Absolute Must for me Work Wise. My Assumption was that this de
  14. YES . Its factory controller.. i Requested to be installed as part of the sale. I went back when the tags came in and they put it in. took them only a few minutes or so .As i said the Wiring Pig tail was in the Glove box. Gm saves 25.00 by not just installing it standard with the Trailer package.
  15. I have a 2020 WT . It did not have the controller but the wiring harness was in the glove box. super simple to install. I do not think they had to do any programming.
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