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  1. I use Android Auto in my Truck . I use a VERY GOOD Quality cable and have no issues with charging and using android Auto at the same time. In Android auto i always use Amazon Music and Waze . they both auto start when i plug my phone in.. This to consider. If you are draining batter faster then the charging can keep up. Go into your phones battery usage and see what is actually using the Battery up. . Try turning off notification for background running apps and turning any rogue (app that starts on and call home in the background) These app tear thru bandwidth and if you have 5G . The Radio is stupid battery hungry. My phone is a LG Dual screen So it has a GIGANTIC Battery. But my Wifes lg v60 also works well. Good Luck..
  2. The Aliens are doing it . The Aliens are doing it.. But seriously.. That is super strange and has me Curious.
  3. My Good Friend and a excavating Contractor has a Super Duty (Mode here in Louisville by the way) .. He would totally Disagree with you on buying one. Not all Dealerships are Equal. It might be time to find another one. as well as if its been in the shop that many times for the same issue you could have legal rights and remedies. All Manufactures make bad ones sometimes. We never hear about the good ones Like my Silverado which is Flawless at 5600 miles . Good Luck
  4. no pic to post but i have the bushwacker orm style on my Long bed WT Truck there are NO HOLES TO DRILL. they use clips on the inner fender liners and Same Holes .
  5. there is a procedure outlined in the manual on how to program Keys and Key fobs..
  6. its only free for 30 days.. if you pay them once and then cancel it be prepared for the constant emails and robo calls offering you a free month to start it again.. its odd you can sign up for there services online or in the Truck with the button and instantly talk to someone . Calling them to cancel takes over a hour on hold and a Seriously Aggressive UPSALE PUSH when all you want to do is cancel it Cars are becoming Like most software S .A S .
  7. omg omg omg .. Its bugging my O C D already. knowing that you know that I now know its rattling around in the back of your mind that you know its still in there.... The Insanity is madness. Reality is in a few days you will probably forget about it and life will get back to normal. Good Luck.. ohh there is a plug on the inside of your rocker.. ooops i mean nevermind
  8. look on a gm parts website foe the tray itself. in the diagrams you should see the clip locations to get the trim removal tool under the piece at the clips.
  9. You have the Updated Truck. its designed to operate in Reverse 99.9% of the time this makes them installed correctly. The Problem is they forget to flip the interior and door hinges , I would so be taking it back for the interior flip to match the flaps.. Good Luck Stupid People Do stupid things.
  10. I do not think this is a super wide spread issue, It was a huge issue for a number of trucks in 2019 from what i read. at that time and the pandemic everyone who bought a truck was on the internet home off work or working from home. There were many trucks that had lifter failures at that time. GM issued a build date with the failed parts. So everyone was searching the net and this SITE is always at the top of the search. Look up how many of these T1 Trucks have been sold. then browse or search for identified trucks with Lifter repairs. you will find its not that great of a problem. My guess is the ones we are seeing now are just failures in the normal range . Every mechanical device manufactured will have a Product fail rate . if you could do a internet search on a brand new computer tied to a brand new ip address from a brand new internet connection not associated to any home or person and then search 2019 2020 2021 GM or Chevy truck issues. You will probably find people complaining about what Consumer reports is complaining about the Interior of the trucks. because they do not have rain sensing wipers and some of the other gimmicks that apparently are now required for even Work Trucks. The Issues thou are Annoying and i would be MAD as well if it were my Truck. This is not a Wide spread issue. Thou it is a issue. Good Luck on getting it fixed .. but i do believe you may need to switch dealerships . If a service provide does now a issue from the very first second you contact them you do not need to let them touch the product. Listen to there voice . if they lean to we we will see what is wrong with YOUR TRUCK.. . They say get it to us so we can Fix this. We will take care of it.. Those last two make all the difference .
  11. I do not think there are more issues with Vehicles then in the past. I actually think they are more reliable. The difference is Everyone has the internet, Even in the palm of there hand . Well even like you and I here reading this thread of yet another Failure. What we do not hear thou is all the 100s of thousands of Happy Truck owners who have absolutely no Problems are issues . I am glad that people do get online and post about there issues and how how the Stealerships deal with them. It helps everyone in the long run. With the above said. Yeah asking for a buyback because of a Repairable issues that is Not as common as what people might think. I will bite my tongue on that one. I Would be a mad Woman if my Truck broke with a major issue. But only if it was not repaired Properly and in a timely manner .. This is Just my Opinion. As far as if the repaired engine will last.. Its Mechanical if the broken parts and put back to spec it will be good as or better then new.
  12. So you own People... You should really reconsider the words you use on a online forum.
  13. Your going to need to get a Gigantic car seat... Nice truck
  14. I Also have one in my 2020 Single cab long bed truck. it fits very well.
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