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  1. Make him pay for it. I Bet he will not hit it a second time. They load pellets of tile. Mortar and often lumber and never damage nothing on my Trucks or Vans. My thinking is personal responsibility. Tell them they hit it they buy it , if they do not like the ideal let them load it by hand. Sorry to sound mean but its not that difficult. but getting a metal grill type tailgate might be the best answer , Like the ones for 5th wheel hitch
  2. For those who do not have the rubberized plastic liner in there. I think its just missing. I have a 2020 Silverado WT With convenience trailering and a few of the other lower end packages and it has rubber lines in all of the cup holders and in that useless upper dash hole . I wish they would have made a door for it.. I am going to 3d print some type of cover for mine when i get a chance . use it to keep receipts in .
  3. Law and insurance is simply a means to bring you back whole. If your truck was wrecked on the dealerships lot between the time you signed the paper and get into the truck and put that first mile on it. Your not entitled to a brand new Truck. you are entitled to getting your Truck repaired to its original working order. Remember at any time anybody can make a mistake. If it were you who hit someone (for what ever reason) You and your insurance company would would not have to give that person a BRAND NEW TRUCK. Only make them financially and physically whole... unless you have some type of extra GAP Insurance to pay for you to get a new car replacement ( I have it with State Farm for the first 4000 miles . you do not get a new truck unless you open your Purse Just think from both sides. I have been on both. Ohh and yeah its just a Truck . We use them until they wear out and buy new ones.. Thank you for reading and Reality is Reality
  4. I know for a fact mine is 100% spot on dead accurate. I track mileage and assign it to a Job site. I do this for profit and loss statements so i know where i stand on every Project down to the penny. I am quite sure GM or any other automaker (well maybe not VW) Know better then to try and pull something like this. I just wish my 3500 HD I swear gm is stealing my gas as i drive down the road. it might get 11 mpg .
  5. This issue is not just on the high end trucks. We have a 1500 2020 WT with 4.3 v6 that does this something awful. Luckily I have a great relationship with a local dealer. (did not buy the truck there they did not have it in stock.grrr) . Will have them to address this and another annoyance issue at first servicing. Other then that I love the truck thou its 3 months old and only drove it 2k miles
  6. your transmission issue (well problem ) Is a Failed Manufacture defect most likely bad assembly or a defective part. Your Catastrophic Instant failure is not in any way Related to the transmission issues (mostly about shifting and thumping , Gear hunting for lack of better terms) that you see on these forums over and over. My personal opinion on most of those complaints are people expecting there truck to operate like a car or SUV. My company over the years have actually had better luck with Remanufactured (crate) Transmissions then brand new ones.. You may be getting a upgrade. Thank you for reading.. Super sorry it happened but your truck is Mechanical it will be good as new when repaired. Erica
  7. This is sad ,But reality is Some new things Just break. Look at the bright side its not your A Coil causing the who interior having to be torn out and put back...Manufacture warranties are given for this very thing. Good Luck and hope they get you back going Super fast .
  8. some states and especially canada. you CAN Not totally turn off driving lights. they are on all the time. I had a 2004 that was built for Canada has NO OFF For headlights . it was annoying sometimes when i wanted them off like in a parking lot .
  9. I might be interested in this Cover if you still have it. The only issue is I live in Louisville Kentucky. I bought a soft tri fold cover but do not like that it keeps a good part of the bed covered (next to cab area) when its folded open. Still undecided if i want one like this. Is there a way to secure it partly open keeping it from blowing around. This is the reason i am kinda leaning toward a roll up cover verses a flip type. Thanks Erica Miller. ohh my Truck is 2020 single cab long bed WT apparently the unicorn truck in my area .
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