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  1. yes. Mine does the same thing. It will also set when you are on a hill. Backing up with the camera View in Hitch mode and you put it into park from reverse. Mine will sometimes set when loading and unloading tools (Bouncing around in the bed) . Once in a while it will just set with none of the above occur. Like when its just sitting in the garage for a few days on level ground.
  2. Wait.!!1 You mean this is not what the door pockets are for. Nice item.. I have been working on 3d designing a cover for the sunglass /heat box on top of the dash to hold my paperwork and stuff. Some day i will get it done.. I have a Love/ Hate Relationship with my 2 3D Printers..
  3. The Aliens did it.. But seriously. I had something similar with two tires. it turned out there were screws in both of them and i was parking just right to cause them to leak on some nights and not on others. Parking it in gravel...... But when it was two tires one night then 4 a few days later.. Def the Aliens well young ins most likely..
  4. can i ask where you got the wheel to wheel steps . I have been looking for some for my 2020 Silverado..
  5. tell them you NEED A Truck not a tiny suv.. Make them give you a equivalent Truck to drive and they will look a bit harder and find the Long lost part.
  6. I think if you use this and it develops a leak anyway you risk being charged by dealer for extra time diagnosing and repairing the issue. If not flat out blamed for the leak or refused repair due to modifying . Remember when you take it in for warranty work there first thing is to look for a way to get money out of you.
  7. I bought my new truck in Indiana. The dealer handled the title ,Licensing and taxes. The forms where Kentucky.. the taxes and fees we paid were Kentucky. Not Indiana.. So my Assumption would be you pay the taxes for the State you are going to licenses the Truck in.. Vehicle taxes are not the same as state sales taxes. they are USAGE to pay for roads , police and so on ... Its how i think it works here anyway. You will have to take the truck to your home state / county Sheriff office to have a out of state inspection at time of registration or before.
  8. hydraulic repair shop. One that work on high pressure equipment , repair construction equipment can custom make them. It cost me 1,400.00 for my 2004 express 3500hd van . I do not know the name of the shop my mechanic used . But i do know they have not leaked . I Cant have one tiny drip as i park in customers driveways. its a GIANT NO NO and very unprofessional
  9. idle time and sitting in traffic will throw this off .
  10. i am working on designing a cover for the upper dash thing. After i get that done if nobody has one i will do it . Super busy so it might be a while. I also need some kind of paper organizer for the upper glove box . So my receipts do not just fall out when i open it .
  11. what is it with GM and Leaking oil cooler lines. I have a 2004 Express 3500 HD 6.0 V8. I have had oil cooler lines leak several times on it. This last time the SHOP Had some made at a local hydraulic repair shop that works on heavy construction equipment.. Grrrrrrrr .
  12. i have the weather tech ones in my wt truck. they come with anchors , follow the instructions to install the anchors and they will hold super well.
  13. Do you have a finance company, maybe a small one linked to in house dealership financing. Some of the second chance and low qualified finance companies have contracts with Stealer ships to put tracking devices that connect similar to what your describing on new Even new vehicles . it used to be only used ones. If your dealer is trying to play dumb and not requesting you to bring it in immediately i would be thinking its kind of device.. Just do not be one day late on a payment if it is.. Just a guess i know someone who works at a second chance finance dept thru a new car dealer.
  14. you should call GM and start a case for this issue and lack of help at that Stealership. Show them all you documentation and see if they will help you out. Dealers apparently do not make as much money on warranty repairs so they try to get out out of there shop quickly it appears. Like everything else they are not all equal and GM is who warranties the truck not the dealership.
  15. i would just call them to make a appt to drop it off so they can diagnose and repair the Under Warranty fuel gage not registering correctly issue previously brought in for . ask them when is a good time for them to have a Loaner truck ready for you to use until they get your Truck issue solved. This will nicely put them on the spot ,Letting them know its there issue without being to aggressive. if they refuse then call GM for help. this showing wrong would be drive me beyond my ability to function Nice and polite but firm works better then a shouting match Good Luck.
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