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  1. I have a LTZ. I would think you would just have to install the front 5100s at the highest setting and then remove the rear blocks and ubolts and you should be good to go. This would leave you leveled out. If you want to stock height you'd install the front 5100s at its lowest setting and not sure about the front axle with this set up.
  2. I just went with the 5100s front and rear. Very nice upgrade! I was able to level out my truck and it definitely feels more planted and less body roll in corners.
  3. I didn't torque down the hose clamps. Hose popped out after a 100 miles and my truck throw a code.
  4. I've been using the Pulsar for about a month now and I'm loving it. I'm seeing about a 1.5 mpg loss but I'm also working through some issues with my Rotofab install. I am seeing my mpg go back up and we'll see if I get into the positive number. I have a Magnaflow catback exhaust and the the drone is gone.
  5. Ok I investigated my issue and it looks like it was self induced. I did not tighten my Rotofab CAI tube and it came completely off. I tightened up it up and reinstalled the Pulsar and the truck ran great during my test drive. I will keep an eye on both but again it looks like user error. I'll also look into some dialectic grease.
  6. I was on the road today and my truck stalled multiple times. I removed the Pulsar and the truck ran fine but now I have a check engine light on. Going to call Range to see if they have any ideas.
  7. Very interesting. First time I put her in park while I was getting the mail and when I put her in drive she died on me. The second time I was stopped at a light and she died. Starts right up after the shutdown but I am noticing that the RPMs are very low when stopped. Yesterday I tried to update the software but still no new updates available.
  8. Any updates to this? The past week my truck has stalled out a couple times, not sure if this is because of the Pulsar but if it happens again I'm going to remove the Pulsar to see if it happens again.
  9. Hard to explain it but let's say you driving at a constant speed and you see and hear the rpms go up maybe 500 but I don't feel a difference in acceleration. My truck is new to me and only has 2k miles so this may just be a quirk especially after the dfm disable. I really need to log more miles. I also discovered today that my truck has a Pedal Commander. I may take this out of the equation to see how the truck behaves.
  10. I haven't had a gear skip issue but I feel like I do get over revs occasionally. Still trying to diagnose this one, feels like it is hunting at times but overall very happy with the Pulsar. I called Range last week to figure out why my USB to ODBII cable wasn't working and was advised that it only works with the Holley cable, part #98105. If you talk to them and give them your serial number they can tell you if there is an update for your module.
  11. I've had mine on since Friday. The install was smooth, no filing required. Other than option 6(60mph) being throttle sensitivity I haven't had any issues. I've only logged about 50 miles and I'm not doing any changes to throttle sensitivity. So far the DFM is working great and my truck sounds good with my Magna Flow exhaust. Really hope this isn't an issue for all the units.
  12. I'm researching this myself. My initial thought is that it would reset itself but I'm not sure.
  13. Will do. If there isn't I wonder why option 6 was acceleration and not stop/start. Has anyone else seen this?
  14. Installed mine today. I ran into one thing where option 6 (60 mph) was not the auto start disable but was throttle response adjustment. I can tell you when you set it to the highest setting acceleration is extremely abrupt. I'm waiting for my usb to odbii cable then I'll update it to see if the options change. So far very happy with this!!!
  15. You guys talked me into it. Ordered can't wait to try it out. Thanks for all the great info!
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