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  1. Thanks for your help; I finally found it! It was on the pillar but way down at the very bottom. ...and I was right, now that I know where it is, I feel like an idiot for not finding it on my own.
  2. I suspect I'm going to feel like an idiot in hindsight but anyone know where the Parts Identification Sticker is on a 2021 Denali? I've looked everywhere and cant find it! I need to order touch up paint unfortunately and want to make sure I get the correct match.
  3. Just wanted to thank you for all of this information. Super helpful.
  4. Any issues w/ your lift yet and the Denali ARC? I've read a few horror stories but I'd like to do a similar set up as you did. Your truck looks great!
  5. Your truck looks great!! I'm jealous! Any issues w/ your lift and the ARC on the Denali? I've heard some horror stories. That stance would work well for me; I cant go much higher given parking garage issues.
  6. Huge thanks. Did it the way you suggested; took all of 15 minutes. Thanks!
  7. Truck looks fantastic! Mind if I ask what tire / wheel combo you have going there? Appears to be a stock stance? I just bought a 2021 Denali and although I love the truck, "daddy needs a new pair of shoes."
  8. Thank you! That sounds much easier! I was trying to save the OEM red.....but not sure why, I'd never put them back on!
  9. I agree; I had the Husky X-act Contour liners in my "other" truck and I liked them a lot but they actually were not that durable so I put the GMC all-weather mats in my new Sierra and so far they are solid.
  10. Anyone have any helpful tips on how to get that front emblem off? I actually just tried to swap mine out this morning and it didn't go so well! I unfortunately snapped one of the plastic tabs on the actual grill (holding the emblems) so I stopped. I had done the swap on my old 2016 and it was no problem...... I have a 2021 Denali; supposedly the grill is the same as the 2019s and 2020s..... ?
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