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  1. Exhaust won’t do much on the lm2. It’s basically straight as it can be. Tuners are needs to get rid of the emissions then you could get some real sound of on it and some extra power. all patiently waiting for tuners and other goodies to hit the market
  2. Everything dude! I just traded a 2018 f150 bilstins and 33’s. 100 k and it had issues. I plan to do the same to the new 3.0. But if yours altering suspension geometry by that much with spacers. Yes everything is going to wear faster. Along with running a heavier tire. I’m not saying not to do it! Anything over 3” and I’d look at going to a drop bracket 4”. And keep good geometry. at the end of the day it’s a truck thing. Can’t leave them stock what’s the fun in that lol
  3. The 6.2 is a little heavier then the 3.0 not by much. But what every they claim for the 6.2 we’ll work for the 3.0. fuel lines, what’s everyone’s opinion about on them do they only need to be droped with bracket lifts? id like to do new delta joint uca with 6112 in the front on 2” and a 1” spacer and 5160 rear with 1-1.5” lift. And some bump stop spacers and airbags. thoughts?
  4. How much heavier is the diesel over the 5.3 and 6.2 ? any with 6112 bilstine ? Or fox performance series’? any strut replacement recommendations or cheaper coilovers. Not a fan of spacer lifts. Ill also add mine is a x31 elevation with rancho shocks and struts currently
  5. New to the forum and Gmc. Just traded my f150 5.0 10 speed for a elevation 3.0 duramax. looking at the rancho 3” but would rather another brand of shocks. Bilstein shocks or similar. Anything on the market. I know I can piece a kit together. what are my options for a 3” lifts? looking at fuel rebel 6. What off set do the Gmcs likes 1 or 20? I have fuel coupler from my Ford 20x9 with 1m off set with 33x12.5 open country rt I can try as well.
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