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  1. Looking to see if anyone can help me with a question on a Magnaflow system. I was looking at their Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15360 but it says it fits a crew cab with the short bed, or extended cab and long bed but not crew cab long bed like I have. It looks like on the one kit they do have for my truck there is just an intermediate ~"12 long pipe after the first pipe and when I asked them if I could just purchase that pipe and make the 15360 system work for my truck they gave me the standard line of the kits are made for specific vehicles and they can't help modifying one. Anyone have this or other Magnaflow system? I didn't see much on Magnaflow but may have missed it in the 203 pages of this thread. I have a 1991 C1500 with an LS3 swap and it has custom system with Magnaflow muffler and I really like the sound, that brought me to this system. I appreciate any comments, or questions if I'm missing something. Thanks, Rock
  2. Did you reach out to Cooper to see what they had to say? I just had a set installed on my truck and now I'm going to constantly give them a look over for anything like this. Rock
  3. Well I took it in this morning, they tried the relearn and didn't work again so they took it in as a flat so they could check it out. The guy was really cool and seemed to actually know his ******. Turns out they snapped the TPMS sensor when they remounted the new tire, glad they admitted it instead of just telling me it was not anything they did. Luckily they had one that was compatible with the truck and swapped it out at no charge. Very happy with their service and the new tires. Rock
  4. Thanks Mike, I don't have a lot of faith that those guys will be able to clear codes, or even know that may be the problem, but I'll see what the guy says Thursday morning. Really not happy that they let the truck go out with the pressures so far off, I can see an lb, maybe 2, but 13 lbs over is a bit much. I will give an update after I go back. Rock
  5. Just got new wheels (Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S, stock 275-55-20) installed at Sam's Club and the right front at first said 1 psi and the guy said it'll take 15-20 minutes for it to relearn. Since the other 3 tires were 39, 37, and 51 I figured they had checked pressure before they put them on the truck. Being so far off I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and drove around for a while and each pressure raised a couple PSI like normal when they heated up from driving but the right front went to .. so I assume it is not reading. After the guy tried the relearn with their tool once again, they said to come back on Thursday because that's when their senior tech would be in. Is there any chance this sensor is not just dead or should I just start searching for new TPMS sensors? Thanks for reading, Rock
  6. Just wanted to post a quick update since I got back from a ~3000 mile round trip home for the holidays. The truck ran fine, even in the cold NE, first time covered in snow since I got it (not a lot of that down here in Florida), the trans shifted noticeably smoother for now at least. I never really looked at the trans temp much before but it sat around 160-170 while driving down the highway and mileage was about normal at 22-23 mpg for the trip. Overall, I can't complain and have the piece of mind of fresh fluid in the trans at no cost to me. Rock
  7. Well the truck got done today, service guy said since it was still under the powertrain warranty it was easy and covered under the TSB without question. Only put around 20 miles on it after I picked it up, and they had just finished so it was warmed up from their test drive. Paperwork says the truck has to be driven for 200 miles to correct the torque converter shutter, not sure what takes 200 miles but it does seem to shift a lot smoother. I'll see in the morning if the 1-2 and 2-1 clunk is gone. Rock
  8. The service guy I talked with today said he was going to write it up so it would be covered and they'd do the 20 quart flush with the new fluid under the TSB. Fingers crossed nothing changes when I bring it in tomorrow morning. Rock
  9. I did when I first got it, didn't even think of that Mike but I just logged in to check and it has no service records. Could have been done by previous owner and not associated with my account, not sure. I'm waiting to hear something back from the dealer service, the guy I talked to today was clueless but said he'd have someone get back with me...still waiting. I'll be sure to update with what I find out and how it goes at the dealer. Rock
  10. Does anyone know if there is a way for the dealer to tell if the fluid change has been done by your VIN? Bought the truck used and I get the 1-2 2-3 clunk sometimes and have a 1700 mile trip coming up for the holidays so considering trying to get the truck in for fluid change before I head out but wondering if it is worth it at 45K miles. Rock
  11. I know this is an older post but found some related info that might help some. My son's 2016 silverado started the cold start code but was running OK, we found N182198000-Special Coverage Engine Fuel Injector bulletin dated 26 July 2019 for 2016-2017 Caddilac, Chevy and GMC trucks/SUVs. It is worded oddly, stating it only affects vehicles in 13 states ( California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington) but seems to indicate GM is acknowledging at least some fuel injector issues. He took his truck in and of course the dealer could not replicate the issue and sent him on his way but he's just waiting for it to throw the code again to take it back and see if they'll actually fix it. I'll post an update if we get one. Rock
  12. I've only had my 2017 for a few months and it has just over 41K miles (it was a lease turn in) and it does clunk at times. Most of the time I notice it is downshifting from 2 to 1 and usually it's when I'm just getting off the gas but I have no idea if it has ever had the fluid changed, is there a way to check before I take it to the dealer? Rock
  13. Just a quick shot of my new to me 2017 Silverado CrewCab LTZ Z71. You can see the 91 RCSSB that was my daily driver up until about a month ago.
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