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  1. What's the biggest tires that can fir on a Non Trail Boss with just a front leveling kit? Specifically, I looking to see if I can fit 33x12.5 on an RST with a Level kit only.
  2. Bumping the TQ to 420 is really impressive. But I still won't buy one until they start putting the 10spd behind it. Why would they keep the 8spd for this engine and put the 10spd behind evey other engine option? Do they just have a bunch of 8spd tranny's that they need to get rid of?
  3. 285/50r22 will fit also, which opens up some more tire options.
  4. Ok, thanks guys. I guess there is no reason to bring it in to be looked at.
  5. So recently I noticed whenever I park and and shut off the truck I here a sizzling sound. It turns out that AC condensate is dripping down onto the hot exhaust pipe right at the flattened cross pipe, right about where the trans and engine come together. Has anyone else experienced this or is there something not right here? Forgot to mention this is on a 2021 5.3 RST Crew Cab Short Bed.
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